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NI and Tianjin Germany to build a "virtual instrument technology center"

    Recently, NI and Tianjin Sino-German Vocational Technology Institute to build a "Tianjin, China and Germany - the United States Center for NI virtual instrumentation," Germany in Tianjin Vocational and Technical College held a grand signing ceremony.

Steel plant span characteristics and fire fighting measures

    With the rapid development of China's economic construction, production and storage space become large, steel frame construction of the plant, to high strength, light weight, large span, lifting to facilitate the construction and construction time is short and so is increasingly the majority of used by manufacturers.

On a microprocessor from the local processor innovation strongman

    He graduated from Stanford University, joined in the late 70s just in microprocessors and reveal the first leg of the intel, and intel involved in the development of cutting-edge microprocessors.
    Subsequently,booster cables in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University study involved during the development of RISC architecture, helping to create the MIPS MIPS microprocessor development company and served as vice president, after which he joined the EDA giant Synopsys company, responsible for product definition and as well as IP reuse strategy, worked hard in the industry in nearly 20 years later, in 1997, he finally has his own company, battery clip he tried a new product to change the charge of SoC design, and now he's this new product has been applied to DoCoMo's 4G mobile phones, Samsung's 3D Blu-ray player, the Nintendo game console, ATI graphics card, HP laser printers and other electronic products.


The rise of smart home industry and the development outlook

    Smart home, or smart house to house as a platform, both buildings, network communications, information appliances, equipment, automation, collection system, structure, service and management as one of the efficient,booster cables comfortable, safe, convenient, environmentally friendly living environment.

Automatic fire alarm system inspection, maintenance

    First, the system checks (usually checking).

    (A) visual inspection.

    1. Check all equipment (such as the detector base, terminal box, manual button and the alarm controller, etc.) have all been installed wiring, wiring in place.


Summer high temperature fault projector maintenance of common sense tips and more

    Weather is hot, as heat is the worst of office equipment, the projector once again put on our summer maintenance of the desk ... ...
    To combat today uphold the main principles, supplemented by nonsense, and we talk about the summer of projector use,booster cables maintenance of a number of rare knowledge, the following directly into the theme, not a waste of saliva and ramble about why we maintain this projector million on the same topic!

Experts read: Melamine This is why the incorporation of chemical raw materials of milk

    Playing expert: China Agricultural University, Ho Total State Food Nutrition and Safety department.

    ■ Background: Recently,booster cables excessive melamine milk coming out again, Gansu, Qinghai, Jilin, began to trace. Police preliminary investigations, Hebei and other places from raw milk purchased detected excessive melamine of more than 500 times.


[Electrical Equipment] Electrical equipment: Energy Policy shot trillion market gradually opened the door

    Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission announced on June 15, "Project to support energy management contract (Trial)": By contract energy management projects, energy savings of 15% to 25% of the enterprises, booster cables the government will give no higher than 20% of project investment subsidies, energy savings of more than 25% of project investment companies with less than 30% of the subsidy.

General Electric and many other foreign companies, CVRD intends to A-share listed

    According to foreign media reports, Wu, chairman of CLSA China's long roots that far, including the U.S. General Electric, booster cables the world's largest iron ore supplier CVRD, etc., many foreign companies have expressed interest in listing in China and has consultation on the matter put to him.


High level of electrical: circuit breaker through the test

    Into the high level of electrical (Quotes Forum Information) (600,312) shares it, booster cables view the high level of electrical (Quotes Forum Information) (600,312) stock quotes


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