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Changzheng Electric: fan business to become a new growth point

    Investment Highlights.

    ● 2010, the company 2.5 MW wind power machine to start mass production will be the major profit growth point.

    ● Medium Voltage Switchgear products the company will achieve net profit growth to double the original high-load tap-product net profit expected to grow 15%.


299B dual-mode gas-electric gas stoves, Germany, Italy, is only 2,350 yuan special

    Information in the National Grid gas stove is one of the consumer the most commonly used stove, gas stove with the increasing demand of people's lives in the design are constantly changing, and now in addition to the basic gas stove stove, but also integrated the cooker,booster cables today to recommend a Xiaobian produced by the German and Italian dual-mode gas-electric stove products, a friend in need to take a look.


Fu electrical engineers in Egypt to communicate the progress of works

    April 8, 2010 to 12, our full range of electrical engineers to Egypt electrical issues related to communication.
    Prior to that,booster cables Egypt has 13 years of experience in the Chair of lead glass furnace electrical control experienced engineers in the original layout of electrical engineers to grasp the overall situation on the basis of electrical, battery clip electronic control for the electric furnace with us on the details of a detailed in-depth communication, and further for both common goal of -40 tons opal glass smooth electric furnace project and providing technical exchanges, lead electric furnace for Egypt's experience,tow rope we should also have some articles to do.

Chengde-rich engineering firms electrical communication engineering progress in Egypt

    Ben Wang Fu glass technology from the Chengde Engineering Co., Ltd. was informed in 2010, April 8 to 12,booster cables Chengde rich electrical engineer at the company's full range of electrical issues related to Egypt's communication.

Aimed at energy saving in electrical power into high voltage inverter

    High-voltage power converter due to the role of energy saving is very significant, has become a tool for energy saving one.
    There are signs that, with the national macro-control policies, booster cables as well as the introduction of energy saving policies, the development of high-voltage inverter is ushering in a golden age. And it is this huge green fancy cake, battery clip and Power Electric Group to enter the high-voltage converter made a strategic decision to market.


Secret of Chinese entrepreneurs in the eyes of the idol class entrepreneurs

    30 years, Chinese society has become a huge wealth rather have the spirit and ideals of the entrepreneurial class, booster cables they promote the transition to a market economy in China and integrated into the tide of globalization.

AC servo motion control products market analysis report

    Abstract: This paper will servo motion control products in China the application of some relevant background and industry market analysis and survey report for 2005,booster cables based on the exchange of the future 2 years servo applications.


Small control device for distributed automation solutions

    ILC 150 ETH embedded control device is a small control system to provide information technology equipment and general communications program.
    The control unit supports Phoenix's online input / output program,booster cables is a compact programmable system can be used for storage (SPS) of the Ethernet control device. In addition,battery clip the control device is equipped with a high-performance PC Worx automation software.


Laser drilling technology and laser micropore brief

    Laser drilling is mainly used in aerospace, automobile manufacturing, electronic instruments, chemical and other industries.booster cables The rapid development of laser drilling, mainly in drilling YAG laser with average output power increased from 5 years ago to the 800w to 400w 1000w.

Analysis of Experts on the pattern of the market status of door and window industry

    Doors and windows for the current market structure of China,booster cables China Construction Metal Structure Association, aluminum curtain wall windows Huang Qi Committee recently presented the China Construction Metal Structure Association Du Zonghan statistics.


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