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Grasp the second element of purchasing high-quality anti-theft door Shoudaoqinlai

    The primary function of security door alarm, followed by decorative landscaping. Look at the time of purchase should focus on anti-theft performance and quality.

    Security door appearance and composition.


Market Analysis: Development of measuring instruments needed in China

    China's large and medium sized enterprises should be equipped with gear coordinate measuring machines, gear measuring centers and other precision measuring instruments and supporting the center of a complete measurement room, booster cables small businesses have with the necessary precision measuring instruments to ensure the quality of gear products.


Schaeffler to acquire the formation of auto parts giant Continental

    Well-known auto parts and tire company Continental (Continental) 8 announcement on 21 February, will receive large bearing manufacturer Schaeffler Group (SchaefflerGroup) acquisition.booster cables The two companies have invested 4 years to 50% the proportion of control conditions such as the acquisition agreement. After the acquisition,battery clip Schaeffler will be second only to Japan in the auto parts and electrical equipment manufacturers such as Bosch and top.


GE Olympic Games will change China's economy 1.7 billion mask into the bag football

    When the "Bird's Nest" Olympic flame above the burning off yesterday, reluctantly, watching all these wonderful people are 16 days to say goodbye. But the spirit of the Olympic Games will not be extinguished,booster cables and the Olympic economy did not say goodbye to China in the post-Olympic economy,battery clip the concept of the Olympic Games will continue to add momentum for sustained economic development, vitality and stamina.


Procurement Express: September 3 folders, books, paper shopping spree

    Procurement topics: office supplies and hardware shopping spree.

    Procurement covers the industry: Office supplies Hardware.

    Strength of the buyers: Electrical Equipment Co., a Henan Province.


Seven types of fruit and vegetable processing hardware and machinery equipment market

    China is the world's four major producers of fruits and vegetables,booster cables fruit and vegetable processing capacity is currently less than one-seventh of production, mainly to fresh. Fruit of the relevant departments and experts predict that the future should speed up the following seven types of fruit and vegetable processing equipment and critical technologies,battery clip technology development and utilization of research.


Welding machine manufacturers how to deal with cost pressures

    National Development and Reform Commission and the recent sharp increase in the price of electricity and refined oil prices, these factors will undoubtedly increase the cost of production of welding equipment. booster cables However, according to report, sales price does not rise.


When construction of the radiator sanitary ware such as hardware installation

    Radiator: radiator should be smooth vertical and horizontal lines, safety equipment should also be suppressed than testing the product inspection process to pressure the regulator to play eight more than 10 minutes to pass,booster cables so as to ensure no leakage risks.


Beyond the launch of Kennametal tooling system

    Kennametal (Kennametal) Company will IMTS2008 (International Manufacturing Technology Show in Chicago, September 8 to 13) on the theme of the full-service, global metalworking industry demonstrate the company's comprehensive service level, highlights the company's milling,booster cables drilling, turning and other aspects of a solid technical foundation.


Jiyuan, Henan and other modern industries in the barren hills and the rise of non-ferrous metals

    Jiyuan City in Henan Province, the local government through the vigorous implementation of the "industry out of the city, the project up the hill" model of development, make full use of slope land, wasteland and idle land development of modern industry, the rapid economic development in addressing the land supply and demand in the same time, out of a conducive industrial development,booster cables land conservation, and new ways of protecting the environment.


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