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Situation in 2012, the Japanese electronics industry collective sink

September 15 LCD father of the world, the Japanese electronics giant Sharp's hundredth birthday. However, no one would have thought that, once a flourishing Sharp hundred years "birthday" fell into the realm of life and death: LCD main business booster cables of huge losses, liabilities trillions, the stock plunged almost turned into a garbage has come to the brink of bankruptcy.

General electric energy saving solutions on the headquarters building as original

General electric green lighting solutions for original headquarters to build the new information Taipei the indoor and outdoor lighting environment. The project application plan indoor lighting, GE recommended 4000 sets of rated average life expectancy for 30000 to 36000 hours and 300 sets of Starcoat T5 LED PAR38; Outdoor lighting use GE LED Tetra system and LED Iberia lamps and lanterns. With the new lighting solutions the launch of the original information which decrease the consumption and maintenance cost, and also reduce the impact on the environment.


Price self-discipline security wire and cable products market stability

For many years, although wire and cable industry trade organizations have repeatedly called on product price self-discipline, but the market price still wire and cable products of chaos, a flood of fake and low-quality products, product profit decline, make cable enterprise is injured. Wire and cable products price situation has come the rectification shall not really the point.


Al shandong alumina plant structure adjustment lock market hot spots

As the nation's largest chemical alumina production development base, recently, al shandong enterprise chemicals in alumina plant BaiWei powder production line is formally put into production, the production of three kinds of index more than 20 tons of products already send customer use evaluation. The other six big structural adjustment program also are busy promoting.


Tool grinding machine to numerical control effectively reduce cost and operation difficulty workers

Milling center, nc equipment widely used, that young workers from the bondage of manual skills, mass produced in high precision of industrial products. As more and more extensive use of new tools, diamond (PCD) tool manufacturing still rely heavily on too much artificial skills. With the improvement of the human cost and lifestyle changes, the artificial skills more and not seek, labor costs more and more high. Numerical control in this industry is the trend of The Times of the will.


According to the cause of the electrical wire and cable fire fire prevention countermeasures

[abstract] : with the rapid development of economy, electrical fire present high-risk trend. In view of the wire and cable fire hazard, and how to take effective measures of fire prevention is very important, this article proposes of their views.


Electric instrument industry is one of the highest GuoChanLv industry

Electric instrument is electromagnetic measurement and control technology as the foundation, the modern electronic technology, modern information processing technology as the method, combining modern measurement and control technology of the basic nature, universality, the all kinds of static and dynamic, directly or indirectly electromagnetic parameters of measurement and control instruments and system as the main body of a GongChengXing discipline, instrument science and technology is an important branch of the subject, and formed the electric instrument industry.


Modular terminal industry application analysed

Shanghai united the electrical terminals as a professional manufacturer, about the combined information terminals are presented here, modular terminal blocks including wear plate, wires, break points and multilayer terminals.

Pick up the bottom principles of mechanical, the vibration prevention design ensure that the products are long-term leak-tight joints and finished products use reliability. Socket ends can add assembly ears, assembly ear in the very great degree of protection can pick up and can prevent meet arrange pieces position not beautiful, ratchet tie dowm...

The king plan: eastern electric doesn't have the whole appears on the market conditions

The National People's Congress, and China Eastern electric group company chairman king when accepting a reporter to interview program, said the company 70% assets concentrated in the listed company, the remaining assets due to some does not have the listing conditions, so eastern electric whole appears on the market conditions also do not have.


General electric appliance business will stepwise regression native American

According to the Japanese economic news, general electric company plans to the domestic household appliances business inject $1 billion, in order to realize the return of the native American home appl


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