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Electrical equipment: Focus on the value of economic concerns - Industry Investment Strategy

    1, from November 5, 2008 closing prices starting September 10, 2009 electrical equipment rose to 142.8% on average. Shanghai Composite Index over the same period the rate of 66.1% over the same period of electrical equipment significantly exceeds the broader market.

Dongfang Electric: break up the right time

    Dongfang Electric (600875).

    The company is the research, development and manufacture of hydraulic and thermal power equipment, an important base and the largest hydroelectric power equipment manufacturers, has for the Gezhouba (600 068), booster cables production of the Three Gorges Hydro Project and other large groups, the domestic market share of 35% water , thermal power 1 / 3.

Zhiguang Electric: the rational distribution of future long-term growth can be

    Medium voltage inverter layout, to benefit from the rapid development of the industry.

    High-voltage inverter market is in rapid expansion period ,booster cables 2009-2011 will reach 27% compound annual growth rate


Grasp the power of electrical equipment to adjust investment structure, the opportunities

    Smart Grid is the future direction of network development will become the focus of grid investment, smart grid construction technology and equipment to provide the company a great opportunity to take the lead in the short term we are optimistic about the launch of the areas,booster cables such as special high-pressure, flexible transmission technology, intelligent substation and smart meters.


Siyuan Electric: re-entered the rapid growth of holdings

    Instrument concept of electric instruments, the concept of power equipment, funds Shigekura concept by the concept of pre-earnings guidance, the CSI 300 concept, the concept of smar

Transaction Unit: Wolong Electric (600580) Annual Report "Jianguang Si"

    Just released the day before yesterday, "beautiful," Annual Report of the Wolong Electric [22.51 -0.35%] (600580) yesterday disk bizarre limit,booster cables the disclosure of annual reports on the "Jianguang Si" type of trend has also led to market concerns of all parties.


Xuzhou equipment manufacturing output over the first billion dollar

    January 22 from Xuzhou Municipal Bureau of Statistics noted that the city focused on cultivating the engineering machinery and equipment manufacturing output mainly over the first billion dollar mark,booster cables becoming the first  the city's pillar industries.


China's export of electromechanical products trade experience, "surrounded by ambush"

       According to WTO statistics, the financial crisis, the global introduction of new protectionist measures far more than trade liberalization policy. Which, by the protection of the most serious product categories include dairy products, steel, booster cables automobiles, chemicals, plastics and textiles.

Nippon Electric Glass substrates estimate the next quarter operating profit increased 100%

     World's 3rd largest manufacturer of LCD glass substrate Nippon Electric Glass (NEG) today announced that, due to increased demand for LCD glass substrate,booster cables so the season (April-June 2010) showed a combined situation of the industry profits?battery clip Business benefits from April 27 estimate of 360 to 41 billion yen to 43 billion yen on the repair (about 4 times over the same period the year before).

Flame retardant industry should pay attention to the three changes

    According to the provisions of Ministry of Public Security, July 1, the public places a mandatory fire-retardant. The successful implementation of this policy, the domestic fire-retardant materials,booster cables manufacturers can provide the necessary fire-retardant products, technical support has become critical. So,battery clip flame-retardant products industry ready?


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