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Bus electronically controlled air suspension system and its development trend

    With the increasing demand for vehicle ride comfort and technological development of passenger car suspension, air suspension on the bus is used widely.booster cables The traditional model is the air suspension with mechanical height control valve, the valve through the valve opening height adjustment of the charge air suspension air bags deflated, thereby maintaining a constant vehicle ride height.


China Mobile Why did you abandon Apple IPHONE?

Boring and milling machine to shorten the workpiece clamping time debugging

    Ace boring and milling machine tools the company used for welding parts manufactured in other machine tools for forging die mold base.booster cables The company claims that this machine also has many other features to help support the production process.


Automotive components: a growing market

    Car appear more and more electronic equipment and systems, and they are also the driving force of innovation car features.

    Automobile manufacturers are increasingly using electronic systems and a variety of semiconductor integrated circuits for automotive applications,booster cables including driver information and communication, in-car entertainment electronics, power train and body control electronics and automotive safety and comfort equipment.


Import NEC RFID ANA Aircraft Maintenance Tool Management System

    All Nippon Airways Co. (ANA) and NEC Corporation (NEC) today announced that, ANA NEC into the use of advanced automatic identification technology RFID UHF radio frequency tool constructed out of aircraft maintenance management system LEVETSYSTEM, booster cables and was Haneda Airport and Narita Airport into operation .


Anti-Road hunters SPX aftermarket in China.

    The case of the U.S. auto industry fell into a stalemate rescue, making the Detroit Big Three into the abyss. Meanwhile, the news also on the global automotive parts supplier would suffer. booster cables However, in the global auto industry looks devastated when a number of international auto parts giants have already raised the banner of the acquisition,battery clip will own their attention to China's automotive aftermarket, such as Bosch, SPX, etc., have acquired in China automotive aftermarket companies, tow rope to further gain market share.

"Smart grid" in July the introduction of a percentage point is expected to boost GDP

    Perhaps a few years, electricity means that change will occur: the home price is no longer static, it will come at different times of day based on automatic pricing, such as evening peak period, automatic price rise; was only read the meter the amount of power systems, booster cables now you can see the use of electricity in the city.

Ningbo United Nations procurement mission to win the opportunity to purchase printing and other industries

    "To sell their products to the United Nations agencies is difficult, and now the door has such a good opportunity, how can you miss?" Yesterday, general manager of Ningbo Food Co., booster cables Dongxiang Mao Mao Qing, told reporters. He said a good opportunity for the Eighth International Consumer Goods Fair is an important set by the United Nations Procurement Matchmaking Fair ---.battery clip This is the first delegation to United Nations Procurement Division Ningbo procurement, eager to expand the market for now, by order of the export enterprises, great attraction.


Western Electronics Show and the latest technology products Looking Hot

    Western Electronics Show in the upcoming August 27-29 at the Chengdu New International Convention and Exhibition Centre. The exhibition of components, instruments, electronic equipment, and other areas of manufacturers, distributors of electronic design industry for the Midwest to inject new blood.booster cables What this exhibition will bring technology and the latest hot product, then interpret for you.


Commercial bribery is a "marketing tool"?

    Many multinational companies do see the long-term interests of the anti-corruption, began to actively participate in international anti-corruption campaign. GE ingenuity will become a marketing tool against corruption, will all care about positioning the anti-corruption culture.


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