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GE Smart Grid investment in China market

    April 20, the first smart grid in Shanghai, Chan Xueyan discussed at the meeting, General Electric (GE) Energy Group Vice President Bob Gree Gan said,booster cables China is at the climax of the urbanization process, and faced with rising energy demand, China Smart Grid market promising.


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Such as water and electricity around the speed of reform may have to increase prices
    Water and electricity should be up then? booster cables Probably!

    Hearings should be open during the year,battery clip such as water and electricity price reform of resource speed.


Energy University" Introduction: The most accurate solution, the most appropriate time

   Courses in accordance with the classification of end markets, accounting for a total of 72% of global energy consumption ratio.

    Good news!booster cables Advocating energy-saving awareness of professionals in the energy university courses will be free to learn energy efficiency in relevant professional knowledge,battery clip which is the industry's only a handful of industry professionals for all online education courses.


The first half of 2010, machine tool, construction machinery and other profit doubled

 Engineering machinery, machine tools profit doubled. First half of the construction machinery market achieved revenues of 82.182 billion yuan, up 68.17%, achieved net profit of 9.455 billion yuan,booster cables  up 122.74 percent; ROE 17.31%, up to 109.6%.

smart home features not only traditional residence

The rise of China's smart home industry in the 90s of last century. Compared with ordinary home, smart home features not only traditional residence, will be a number of the original passive rest home into a "smart" tool, providing a full range of information exchange capabilities to optimize people's lifestyles, strengthen family life ... ... even if the security has many advantages, but currently a lot of smart home products practicality is not strong, marketing was not to run smoothly battery clip.


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