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Solar energy components import taxes eventually "victim" American consumers

According to the December 2, 6-0 of the vote, the United States international trade commission (USITC) in the ruling mainland China pv industry manufacturers for less than the cost of the price of their product to the American dumping, this means that the trade war has started. Both events no long term, also did not put forward any new methods to resolve. American consumers will become the ultimate victims trade war, the us economy may also be affected. So,ratchet tie dowm American consumers and the American economy will be exactly how serious influence? In addition, the American clean energy industry can indeed from the "double reverse" how much benefit? Today's global two largest economies trade relations and where?


South China Engineering Science and Technology Forum network UHV technology concern

   December 9 to 10, from the international energy and power sector, universities and research institutes, 17 academicians and 500 experts gathered in Guangzhou, China to participate in field 132 Engineering Technology Forum - Forum and the DC power development transmission of international seminars, Zhou Ji, Chinese Academy of Engineering, attended the meeting, and during and Guangdong Provincial Committee, Acting Governor Zhu Xiaodan talks. ratchet tie dowm State Electricity Regulatory Commission Vice Chairman Wang Ye Ping, Vice Governor of Guangdong Province, Chen Yin, chairman of South China Power Grid, party secretary Zhao Jianguo and other leaders attended the opening ceremony and speeches, booster cables general manager of Zhong Jun, deputy general manager Wang Liangyou attend the meeting.


Debt issuance is not a change in the silicon ring share a strong push

    As prices come down significantly, the silicon in the A-share market has been the subject of glory, is gradually losing the luster. At many companies choose to wait and see when the plan just before withdrawal of additional shares in Central suddenly choose borrow $ 600 million into the original issuance ratchet tie dowm of the planned "green renewable energy with the single crystal silicon solar cell materials, industrial engineering two and two expansion projects "on.


Focus Wenzhou: "rescue" policy can save the Electric Capital

  Wenzhou is a coastal city landscape Jianghai blend is full of vigor and vitality of the city, it is a well-developed private economy, rich cultural heritage of the city. In recent years, the city of Wenzhou have been walking in the forefront of efforts, is a passionate energy, in particular, can start the city. Family of industrial and professional market approach developed in the "Wenzhou model", has gradually formed small commodity, tow rope large market structure, reform and opening up, the private economy in Wenzhou has created a large number of the nation.


Ten years the rapid development of the industry total output value of the instrument three times the fan

    2011 is our "second Five Year Plan" the first year. Instrumentation is a strategic and emerging industries, "five-second" period, the state will pay more attention to application and development of scientific instruments. Laboratory science and technology output, the more the forefront of education, the state of the laboratory into very large. Today many laboratories are university teachers and graduate students study daily work place. Into the twentieth century, various types of physical laboratories are springing up, extensive research work carried out.ratchet tie dowm Can be said that the laboratory is the cradle of science is scientific research base. Past five years since China instrument industry since the founding of the fastest growing for five years.booster cables At present, China has become an international instrument one of the largest industry is also developing instrumentation industry's largest and most complete product variety of countries.battery clip China instrument industry was the rapid trend in the market healthy and orderly development of the decade three times the output fan.


The success of the world's first AP1000 nuclear power plant the main hoisting equipment

    At 12:18 on September 22, under construction by the Chinese nuclear five nuclear construction general contracting company Sanmen Nuclear Power Island Unit 1 nuclear pressure vessels successfully in place,ratchet tie dowm both to achieve the main unit of the nuclear installation of the first major node also marks the world's first AP1000 reactor pressure vessel type a successful installation.


July 2011 production run of the instrumentation industry

       July 2011, the national instrument industry maintained steady growth, sales growth in more than 20%, export growth rose slightly last month.

     First, the sales continue to grow


Trapped in the elevator suddenly stopped smoking again sounded the alarm bell owners elevator fire

  The house was just built to stay, several prospective owners are scared Chuyishenhan. August 31 at 10 am, Fuzhou Road, Phoenix Lake City area Osan Building 6, near the line due to fire, the elevator suddenly stops, and continue to smoke into the elevator, three prospective owners to prepare the election room trapped in an elevator smoked about ten minutes, but fortunately was rescued by firefighters, etc., did not lead to a big accident.


Zhu Hai, president of China: Schneider's "other side" Raiders

   A good business is a mysterious world.

    Through the city's hustle and bustle and noisy, Schneider Electric's building stands dignified in Beijing Wang Jing Science Park, ratchet tie dowm northwest corner corner. Roadside bus stop of a large number of cars seems to remind us the city in front of buildings and the distance. But, if you watch thebooster cables CCTV and a little advertising in major newspapers and news reports, you will not be difficult to understand, inside the building, to make any decisions, battery clip are committed to building the Schneider Electric and China's "Zero . "


Second Five things to put growth into a key to the Nuggets

   By the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology-led "Internet of Things" five "plan" has completed the drafting work, submitted to the Ministry of the final planning stages. Along with the "second Five-Year Plan" was released, hard to find things for the development opportunities of many enterprises, how to grasp the value of growth?ratchet tie dowm Faced with the challenge of traditional habits, the multitude of things in the application, the business where the Nuggets?


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