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Space, space solar energy 2.0 times to return to public view

   Will be sent to the solar collectors in geostationary orbits, and sunlight into electricity, and then microwave or laser energy to pass them back to Earth. It sounds like science fiction, but many countries in space development department is in this area with a very careful study.


Nanjing 173 polluting enterprises to stop not hesitate to change to promote low-carbon economy

     2011 is the "five" in the first year, "low-carbon development, energy conservation," the future business based on the most basic requirements. July 3, Nanjing released to the media 173 "three high and two low" ratchet tie dowm (high pollution, high energy consumption, high emission and low efficiency, low output) rectification list of enterprises shut down,booster cables a wave of consolidation polluters off, Nanjing Government to promote low-carbon economy is pulling no punches.

The leading domestic enterprises explosive solar thermal power industry

   Solar thermal power generation is becoming a national energy giant, the focus of a new race. Independently developed by China 10KW (kW) solar concentrator dish power system prototype, recently Shizuishan testing and commissioning.


Innovative inverter is the key to the development of PV market

  Several recent reports show that about 59% of the cost of photovoltaic project failure is caused by the PV inverter, and the startling numbers once again confirmed the GTM market research firm market for PV inverters and their technical An in-depth assessment of the relevance of the show. However, the good news is that the new round of GTM analysis of a new generation of inverter technology (large-scale and home use markets) is expected to make major improvements to this, more importantly, can significantly increase the scale of PV equipment of public utilities applicability, and the subsidy rate for tariff reduction in the case of equipment used for the residential customers a higher rate of return.


Development of new energy power solar thermal power generation ready trillion flowing

    New solar thermal energy power generation industry was out in the cold, are now trying to head to catch up. However, just start light and heat industry has hidden mystery.

    When the domestic wind power and photovoltaic power generation turbulent time, light and heat generation near-forgotten. But history of the pointer to 2011, everything began to change. With the beginning of the project in Inner Mongolia 50 MW solar trough the opening, solar thermal power industry began to ready made power.


"Twelve Five" Jiangsu planning the future of the new energy industry

    "Eleventh Five-Year", the new energy industry, the province has experienced a "golden period of development." "Twelve Five" has arrived, "Economic and Social Development of Jiangsu Province Twelfth Five-Year Plan" has been released, "Jiangsu New Energy and Industrial Planning," is expected to be introduced this year. As a provincial government established the first six emerging industries, ratchet tie dowm focus on the development of this industry over the next five years, what is the direction? What policy will be supported? New energy in our province and which business plan for a new look? Newspaper published in this special feature for our readers.


Zhang Zhe case: Why Xining into the fire, "the same river"

      Zhe Zhang Henan case of civil servants.

    9 at 3 pm, Xining, Qinghai Building, a major textile fire, fire area of ??more than 3,000 square meters, continued to burn more than 2 hours later, building a women workers killed, 15 trapped were rescued.


Good News Snapshots: integration into the community, close to the demand

    Innovation has always been that science should be the first based on social and human needs good information Phenom Electric Co., Ltd. Beijing recently because the market will soon be listed by the widespread concern in society.


Focus on user needs to create a digital home service model Changhong

    "You look at the TV is it? Phone is used to fight it?

     Home is to live it? "Recently, Changhong" digital home / Intelligent Community "Seminar on Technology and demand held in Mianyang, the participants of the consumer representatives who met with experts in the field when the three issues thrown, surprised a moment, but after reading a on digital home video, ratchet tie dowm doubts Dunxiao, have lamented, "is subversive, original life can be so ... ..."


Hardware knowledge: to teach you how to identify the cable and traditional copper alloy

    Aluminum cable (referred to as: alloy cable) different from traditional copper cable, this cable with high elongation aluminum alloy materials, aluminum and other materials by adding iron, and pressed through a special process and stranded annealing, the aluminum alloy in the gap 'crush' clean and reduce the cross-sectional area of ??the cable has good flexibility.


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