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Luodian fire wood processing plants are fire hazards Check 15

   From the March 15 date, the fire brigade Luodian County in Guizhou Province of the township of wood processing plants to carry out in-depth fire safety special inspection of wood processing plants 21 checked and found that the potential of fire 15, the spot rectification 14, issued a " shall order a correction notice, "1,booster cables a fine of 2,000 yuan.


Analysis: International Glass Fiber and Development of new technologies

    Present the basic glass products can be divided into four categories, namely, enhanced with glass fiber reinforced thermosetting plastics materials, glass fiber reinforced thermoplastics, insulation and other uses of textile glass fiber products and glass fiber roofing materials.


China Road Lighting Forum 2011 held in Chongqing

    "2011 (seventh) China Road Lighting Forum" on March 10 to 12 at the grand opening of Chongqing. This event by the China Association of Lighting, Illuminating Engineering Society of China Committee of outdoor lighting, street lighting China Municipal Engineering Association of Professional Committee of the tripartite co-sponsored booster cables . Support for optical media and consumer China Daily China lighting.


The new Fluke thermal imager launched its i3

    Fluke (FLIR) company launched its new "magic price" i3 Infrared - Infrared completely subvert the minds of consumers deeply rooted in the concept of high prices.

    FLIR always leading the technical innovation-i3 product to pass down this tradition. With the growing popularity of its technology, gradually moving to the mass commercial market will bear the psychological level, FLIR infrared camera series in recent years has dropped to the lowest price.


2011, China's wire and cable industry overcapacity farewell

    2011 is made of wire and cable industry restorative important year of rapid development, sales, profits, import and export growth of major economic indicators are better than expected early next year, is expected to achieve growth of about 23%, only Anhui Sheng Cable Group January-February sales of 5 billion cable, able to achieve such a result, there are three main reasons:


Analysis of 2011 development trend of power generation equipment industry

   REVIEW: through 2010, many businesses have in the recovery after the financial crisis to produce a satisfactory report card, power generation equipment manufacturing industry has gone through a sustained and steady development of the year.


LED lamps in automotive applications

    As essential to the safety of motor cars and parts, auto lamps in automotive active safety is crucial. The late 80's with high-brightness light emitting diode technologies emerge, LED exterior lighting applications in the car as possible.


Machine tools in China in 2010 face a "quality gate" dilemma

   Product quality is the lifeline of good or bad, it relates to business survival and development.

    2010 is the development of China's machine tool industry, an important one, is to wrap up Eleventh Five-year, booster cables but the machine tool industry was seen on product quality problems, as we have sounded the alarm. Should arouse the attention of machine tool companies, hoping to get second five-year greatly improved. So we have quality products machine case.


Shanghai Electric Group and Siemens form joint venture wind power

    According to media reports, after two years of difficult negotiations, Shanghai Electric (601727) Group recently reached an agreement with Siemens, which together with the Siemens wind power to form a joint venture company, its products are mainly for the Chinese market.


Global Biotechnology equipment will reach 5.8 billion U.S. dollars in 2015

    Introduction: global industry analyst firm (GlobalIndustryAnalystsInc., GIA) recently released a comprehensive global biotechnology instrumentation market report. Report, the global biotechnology instrumentation market in 2015 is expected to reach 5.8 billion.


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