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Insulation epoxy coating Analysis and Research

    Li Zhiqiang, Zeng Fanhua.

    (CASIC Meiling Chemical Plant, Guizhou Zunyi 563003)

    Abstract: The insulation of epoxy enamel analysis and testing, and evaluation of the volume resistivity to explain the insulating properties of epoxy coatings,booster cables compared with the test of common epoxy coatings epoxy coatings and insulation in the insulation performance differences exist . Common epoxy coating insulation sometimes is not fully satisfied, and under certain conditions will have a "live",battery clip the use should be based on insulation requirements and environments to choose.


Changsha Hotel fire inspection is not qualified for a business without checked

   Days Hotel & Suites in Little Swan, 17th floor, in accordance with the requirements of the fire, where the exit stairs to evacuate should be available for guests has been down to a floor upstairs, and here's evacuation routes can not reach a floor.booster cables Also this hotel V88 box area of more than 60 square meters, without the required two or more exit.

Electrical equipment manufacturers to upgrade rural power grids and then every feast

    【Introduction: Recently, the State Council decided to implement a new round of projects to upgrade rural power grids. This power equipment manufacturers, it is a lively feast. 】

    January 5, the State Council decided to implement a new round of upgrading rural power grids project. "Twelve Five" period will allow universal access to rural power grid renovation, the basic build safe, reliable, energy saving,booster cables advanced technology and management practices of the new rural grid.


Siemens expects first-quarter profit and revenue growth in both

    Beijing January 11 morning news, Europe's largest engineering group Siemens announced on Monday, thanks to strong demand for the factory, the company's first-quarter profit and sales increase will appear.
    Siemens said in the release as of December 31 of the first quarter results, the company reported growth in new orders may be "booster cables very strong", but specific figures may not be able to reach the fourth quarter of 235 million euros (about 304.3 billion).


Electric China: Looking Back 2010 Top Ten electric industry, "dark horse"

    Short-term transient charging car. Jiuzhou Electric Company chairman Li Yin said the companies will integrate the next step down the supply chain, to provide total solutions to address the new energy industry and electric vehicle industry collaborative development.


Can China's high-end sheet-fed printing presses imported from out of

    January 5, 2011, Shanghai Guanghua Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. officially launched Akiyama AKIYAMA SUPERTECH 40 series offset.
    For China's printing industry, the introduction of the series of epoch-making significance, because this is the first made by a printing speed of Chinese enterprises reached 16,500 / hour of high-speed sheet-fed offset press, booster cables is also the first Chinese Seal machine to participate in high-end design and development of multi-color sheet-fed offset press.


Rail off the assembly line to break the foreign monopoly China Chip

     December 14, with the first batch of the world's most advanced level of the maximum power IGBT products in China, North Yongji Electric car off the assembly line successfully. This marks the Yongji Electric Company has become the fourth world,booster cables the domestic first voltage level to more than 6500V IGBT packaging manufacturers.

Christmas mass become hostile to U.S. Wind Power Equipment Industry

    Wind power industry development in China is currently still in infant stage of industrial development, according to WTO provisions, in certain developing countries can be protected, but recently the United States to the World Trade Organization (WTO) against China for wind power equipment manufacturers of illegal subsidies no reason to upgrade Sino-US trade friction.

Home inspection company quietly sells hardcover housing business for more than Bacheng

    Recently, this reporter received a call Qiu, Qiu lived Huilongguan an affordable housing community, he told reporters.
    Just renovated new home soon to catch up with the rain, was found inside the walls of the seepage phenomenon occurs,booster cables the property diagnosis, is not done building wall waterproofing, although the property has been re-made on the outer surface of the wall relief, but The walls inside the house but left the imprint of mottled.


94.6% pass rate electric tools hardware tools of good quality in Lanzhou

    Q3 Quality Supervision Bureau of Gansu Province, Lanzhou City, on regular track power tools product quality supervision and inspection of the product showed a pass rate of 94.6% sample tests, compared to last year dropped by 4.6 percentage points.


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