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Sumitomo listed hardened steel cutting materials with uncoated CBN

      Sumitomo Electric Industries, recently listed for general machining of hardened steel cBN new material "SUMIBORON BN2000".
    This is a hardness second only to diamond and cBN powder with adhesive material sintered at high temperature under high pressure freezing of cBN sintered body,booster cables can be used for cutting tool materials for high speed machining automobile parts used in hardened steel and cast iron and so difficult to cut ferrous metals. battery clip New products are not cheap ceramic membrane coating type.


Beware of immersion into the "sick Sicko" flooded car maintenance to be cored

    "Replacement of spare parts again!" Since the flooding two years ago, Ford S-MAX car owners have to deal with small problems Mr. Chen continued the status quo.
    Year after flooding to the 4S shop car to check, among other places outside the engine did not find any problems, but after replacing the engine re-use, "simply became sick Sicko, is not at fault here is where to strike.booster cables " 4S shop because of back trouble recently, technicians round of consultation did not identify the problem, the answer is to stay shop waiting for review. Related: sales broke out after the rain water is still a blank card static water flooding into the market car problem car was flooded car to conceal vehicle in a higher price: the end of the maintenance volume 2 / 3 can be repaired


PTC with the Beijing Institute of Architectural Engineering Teaching Model hand in hand

    May 11, 2010, "PTC College" construction machinery equipment and technology innovation center opening ceremony held at the Beijing Construction Engineering College, PTC PTC University, vice president of the company have PAN following, PTC Senior Director, Asia Pacific Education Gregory Bachman Sisk and other senior PTC .

Implementation of electrical and electronic products in India EU green directive

    India's Ministry of Environment and Forests issued to the public consultation on the electrical and electronic products to be 20 kinds of harmful substances in the limit.
    India's new regulations will be followed by the EU WEEE Directive and RoHS directive requires producers to take effect in the regulations listed in Schedule 3 years to comply with a series of restrictions on hazardous substances, booster cables product information brochure also must provide "detailed" the harmful ingredients information. In addition to not including lighting equipment, other types of equipment covered by the WEEE directive and the EU are the same.


Spend 600 million yuan in Jiangsu's first mall built in the city-style Hardware & Electrical

   Spend 600 million yuan, Jiangsu's first mall-style metal electrical professional big market, across the board to introduce "business model Yongkang", Zhenjiang only a "mall-style management and market operation,booster cables " the professional market, the overall construction has been basically completed ... ... June 30 Dingmao in Zhenjiang City, central business district the perfect present.


New era of electric vehicles created new opportunities leads the way

    Make electric vehicles a reality, innovative approaches need to put into three levels: government, individual enterprises and whole value chain.

    Imagine,booster cables in 2020, was driving your own electric car to a health club, figured the way to his car battery. When you drive into the charging station, the car navigation system will guide you towards the desired location directly. battery clip You park the car in the charge position, press the display on the "start charging" button, went straight to the gym for an hour of fitness. To get the vehicles back, you do not deal with those pesky payment process, because the charge has been included in your cost of electricity services programs.


UBS: Coke or on the A shares of General Electric

    (Reporter Di Mengyu) with? Mainland market rebound, the market's long-silent new shares to restart soon,booster cables attracted a lot of attention from investors, many foreign enterprises to the A-share market of considerable interest currency card.

General Electric as a result of foreign peace out authentic country life or replacement

    Deep in the development of China's peace and quiet waiting for regulatory response, the Shenzhen Development and General Electric Finance International Finance Corporation (hereinafter referred to as General Electric) in the period of "old friends" put out.

KGI: high level of electrical UHV Reviews of new projects (research report)

    New 1000KV the company for 10 years on the circuit performance improvement is huge.

    New contract 1.119 billion company in the first half (excluding the bid to be signed project contract 5 billion),booster cables down 34.17%, in addition to net the first half of the country to reduce the amount of 220-550KV tender, the company did not participate due to technical problems the State Grid in 2009 the first half of the second order is also bidding to reduce one of the reasons.

Freescale Cadence model-based physical and electrical

    Cadence Design Systems (CDNS) today announced that Freescale Semiconductor through the use of Cadence's "design once successful" prevention, analysis, implementation and signoff solutions for successful implementation of a network of 45-nanometer chip design flow,booster cables the solution can help speed up the amount of production time and increase predictability.


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