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Prospective flight attendants after 90 unarmed pulling

www.cnboostercables.comSaying people familiar with the lyrics: "sister your boat head brother go ashore Enenaiai tow rope swing lengthy." May have occurred if a change, "sister" in the position of the tow is what scene?

Cable enterprise should be far away from financing copper circles

Imports to copper, with the aid of a bank usance l/c, shake the body as part of the domestic enterprises to gain an important means of cheap capital. And these copper also had a exclusive name--" financing copper ", the specific performance of the financing for the purpose to purchase copper material. One of the form is, the enterprise from the bank open l/c, first from the overseas import copper, in home sold to the bank again after payments. Also have enterprise first purchase copper, and then go to the bank do mortgage financing.


A wide range of decorative hardware environment a recession has challenges

Decorate adornment hardware covers a wide range of, mainly including furniture hardware, locks hardware, doors, Windows, hardware, plumbing hardware, sanitary hardware, lighting hardware, kitchen hardware, manual, electric tools hardware, electrical accessories hardware, etc. Series. After more than ten years of development, hardware industry although belonging to supporting industry, it is the foundation of the manufacturing industry and important part, especially in recent years, with industry scale and influence and product technology content industry, and other aspects of the rapid development,ratchet tie dowm...

How about a multimeter electrical failure problems

How to test and inspection and has always been a very difficult thing, because it's hard to capture the parameters of the electrical failure occurs, as they give us detection increased a lot of difficulties.

There are many test equipment can make the intermittent fault diagnosis become simple. These devices include complex signal analizer and digital oscilloscopes, including easy-to-use handheld multimeter, digital multimeter in the basic measuring function (ac voltage, dc voltage and resistance measurements), but it needs to be measured record work ji, through the standard form, and the combination of a multimeter can test the intermittent fault fault parameters. In the past,ratchet tie dowm...

Cable industry unspoken rules "tyrannize"

The products within three into

Percent of pass is only 25.9%. This is the last year "March 15", liaoning province of liaoning in industrial and commercial bureau announces market cable selective examination results, product percent of less than 3 become, really shocked the industry! This year, however "March 15", Qingdao exposure 2011 annual unqualified commodity, also have several cable enterprise on "HeiBang", including omega, belden, such as manka list.


The far east medium voltage power cables successful completion of the aluminum alloy trial

Recently, the far east cable Co., LTD power cable r&d increases the research and development dynamics, the thorough every department to work, in product process innovation to yield the substantial result.

Because foreign box ground machine and set the mold supplier to provide ground machine and technology and the far east cable production line has the big difference, existing in the production of inconvenience, ratchet tie dowm...

Nuclear power from any supplement to "the lost one year"

March, from the "two" to just closing of Seoul nuclear security summit, from domestic to international calls social response, "restart nuclear power" signal has been more and more intense. Japan f island nuclear accidents have in the past year, the Seoul summit, in the world, including China main nuclear power countries again to nuclear power safety assessment; This year, China will "safe and effective nuclear power development" was written into the government work report; From the CPPCC source says, our country are hustling to nuclear safety rules and nuclear power medium and long term development plan...... adjust A year after "pause", when a new round of nuclear power development coming, and our country related industry can start again, and where to recover "the lost one year"?


Aluminum alloy copper cable beyond cable ratio of wide prospect of market

China's aluminum alloy cable market development is slow, the most important reason is the production process and backward in technology, after a period of time, can't make aluminum alloy copper cable to the same electrical properties. After the rapid development in recent years, domestic enterprise research and development of the cable strength and production capacity has been greatly ascend. To JinYi huier cables, as a representative of the enterprise after years of technical research, in the aluminum alloy on cable access to a wide breakthrough, and through the national multiple departments authoritative attestation.


ADI intelligent power grid caught market opportunity

The state grid has announced that will be completed in 2020 nationwide intelligent power grid, and has spent 4 trillion yuan ($) for the foundation design construction. The grand the implementation of the plan will involve new energy and new energy grid access, large capacity energy storage, ultra high voltage and digitized substation, intelligent measuring extensive related fields, for the global power equipment enterprise opened an unprecedented huge market, but also to the semiconductor manufacturers and equipment manufacturers put forward higher technical challenges.


General electric intelligent power grid solutions to accelerate cloud computing

The general electric company (hereinafter referred to as GE) smart grid innovation center (GridIQ) recently made two win, not only released led the positive signals the GE, also revealed 2012 years of two important to: first, the focus to offer based on cloud of hosting service transfer; Second, the many big alligator is locked in the eyes of rural electricity cooperatives and municipal utilities body, ready to open the next round of the deal.


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