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Connector exploration in UAV Applications

    UAVs increasingly important for national defense, unmanned aerial vehicles are exposed to much worse environment, and therefore require more stringent use of the components required to meet the needs of a large number of special connectors.booster cables This article describes the UAV performance requirements of the connector, the connector described in the application of UAV use the distribution and main types: small round connector, micro / nano small rectangular connector,battery clip a small high-density fiber optic connectors the composite light connector.


Electrical equipment industry is still expected to grow 20% this year

    This year is the electrical industry, the development process very unusual year, facing rare development opportunities and great challenges and tests. booster cables Experts predict that through the efforts of electrical equipment industry will continue to achieve steady and rapid growth, annual growth is expected to reach 20%.


SPX acquired to further expand the Asia Pacific market car Boshi

    Buy car Boshi SPX Corporation, Asia-Pacific region will further expand its product line and enhance service capabilities.

    Shanghai, booster cables China, September 1, 2008 - SPX Corporation (NYSE: SPW) today announced that its automotive service business unit has completed a program of car Boshi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen acquisitions.battery clip Car Boshi is a company located in Shenzhen, China auto diagnostic tools and equipment manufacturers, the rapid growth of China's vehicle maintenance and repair markets.


Electrical Systems Past and Present


    Electrical engineering and automation industries tentacles, small as a switch design, large aircraft, aerospace research, has its presence. The professional electrical engineering students to engage with the system operation, automatic control,booster cables power electronics technology, information processing, testing technology, research and development, battery clip management, and application of electronic and computer technology work in the field is wide caliber "compound" Advanced engineering and technical personnel. High level of talent in the field of high demand.tow rope It is estimated that, with the entry of large foreign enterprises in the fields of expertise will be a big gap, then it may be talent shortage.


BASF Engineering Plastics innovative solutions to meet customer needs

    BASF's engineering plastics business has always been innovation-driven, customer-centric. BASF at the Technology Center with the support of cooperation with customers all application development projects,booster cables BASF's business is built on the basis of these items.

Brand: market, paving stone, a symbol of corporate culture!

    Early spring in March, the weather is already warm, but still carries the breeze chilly. Candidates flocked to the office; procurement and sales calls one after another; storage and loading of vehicles in front of delivery vehicles is, booster cables of lively thirty-three; measuring the manufacturing department to function at full capacity,battery clip the job employees are busy ... ... This is Ningbo Great Wall Precision Industrial Co., Ltd. since March into the ordinary day.

Idealists He Lumin

    Material deprivation of the last century, from the 80's, have started to enter the sub-areas of the humidifier, and has achieved 70% market share. After winning a single product, booster cables Asia are beginning to try to build strengths in new areas.


LED semiconductor lighting industry abnormal "rise" of Revelation

    July 25, from Hebei Province, the Government and the Institute for the CLP Group XIII semiconductor lighting joint venture (the LED) industry projects have been formally put into production, booster cables with a total investment of 3.9 billion.


Dacromet: is the trend or a flash in the pan?

    Editor's Note: Dacromet technology was first born in the twentieth century, the late fifties. In North America, the Nordic cold winter, thick ice on the road a serious impediment to the driving motor vehicles,booster cables people sprinkle salt on the floor of the ways to lower the temperature of freezing point to ease the roads open question.

Zhou Yixing: alert pay water and electricity monopolies into the letter was "private"

    Recently, the State Council Legislative Affairs Office published "Credit Management Ordinance (draft)",booster cables which for the first time the reference to "negative record retention period" question: "credit institution shall not disclose, use, battery clip act or event from the bad credit from the date of termination has been more than 5 years of personal bad credit record, and the completion of the penalty more than 7 years from the date of the personal criminal record. "


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