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Industrial Robot "becoming more and on the" future development of the doubt

    Industrial robot is a mechanical, electronic, control, computer, sensors, artificial intelligence and other subjects of advanced technology in one important modern manufacturing automation equipment. Since 1962, the United States developed the world's first industrial robot, booster cables robot technology and product development rapidly and have become a flexible manufacturing system (FMS), automated factory (FA), computer integrated manufacturing system (CIMS) automation tool.


Home computer bodyguard! UPS APC BK500Y early experience

    The UPS (uninterruptible power supply), so a lot of people think it is a necessary tool for the enterprise, and home-computer-related. This impression created for two reasons. booster cables First, most people do not fully understand the functions of UPS, on the other hand because of the relatively high price.

Marketing Strategy: 2010 to promote the new brand strategy


     Born in the back of each brand, not only from the competitive power business, it is constantly increasing business expansion ambitions territory. We are the envy of many companies Procter & Gamble, General Electric, Microsoft,booster cables Wrigley and other successful multi-brand strategy to build the perfect business expansion territory, but ignore these successful before the formation of multi-brand strategy, business expansion should focus on how the territory introduction of new brands.

Jiangsu Heng force the company to lead the new trend of Modular Machine Tool

    Machine tool manufacturing with 50 years history of Jiangsu Heng Power Machine Tool Co., Ltd. (Yancheng Machine Tool Plant red) in the middle autumn, led by chairman of the board, in accordance with the "create fine machine, into a hundred aircraft carrier" of the enterprise development strategies, positive transformation and upgrading,booster cables training hard internal strength, to speed up innovation, a development company out of the main line, with innovative new ways for the soul to lead new trend of modular machine tool.

Alstom positioning China to participate in various power generation projects

    Energy supply, but also to a low carbon economy to achieve rapid change.

    To look forward to that,booster cables as the industry only to their own clean power plant design and manufacturing of spare parts required for all companies - Alstom are trying to find the best solution to this challenge.

Digital high-definition set-top box made in June to achieve Chongqing

    HDTV has been the people in the pursuit of home entertainment, high-definition set-top box, however,booster cables the chip production due to the monopoly of foreign countries, its high price is not the general public can bear. But this year,battery clip the public will be able to buy high-definition set-top box made in Chongqing, one of the chip is developed by the four joint production of Group, cheaper than foreign 1 / 3.


Jinan, China Machine Tool Exhibition read from equipment manufacturers directions: To optimize the stronger

    Every two years, China CNC Machine Tool Show has predictable, as the China Machine Tool Industry Association effort to build the industry's top event,booster cables exhibitors have a wide range of products and manufacturers representative, is the highest level of domestic CNC machine tool show, basically reflects Modern CNC machine tools made out of the highest level and the latest products,booster cables high reputation at home and abroad, and this year is to attract the UK, Spain, India and other countries and regions 4 pavilions organized by 25 companies to exhibit and the United States, tow rope Italy, Switzerland, 8 countries and regions set up machine Association Information Desk at the show.


West Switch Electrical: Quality equipment to create the world's power switch

    Xi'an West Switch Electric Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Western Cape Electric") overall strengthening of quality management, performance excellence model step by step, booster cables continuously improve product quality, management quality increased dramatically. 2006,2007 years "XD card," gas-insulated metal-enclosed switchgear (GIS) and high pressure sulfur hexafluoride circuit breakers (GCB) has been awarded "battery clip China Top Brand" title; 2008,2009 company has won the annual National Quality Award "to encourage Awards "and" Award Nominations. "


For brand identification


    Brand to create brand identity in the process of fighting for the use of various tools to highlight the brand image. Under normal circumstances, they would choose a synonym, slogans, colors, symbols,booster cables story, etc., in this section we mainly look at those.


CPU packaging technology Xiangjie


    CPU chip packaging technology.
   booster cables Advantages and disadvantages of various packaging technologies.


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