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Zhejiang how the transformation of traditional industries favored by warm PV industry business

   Recently, the State Development and Reform Commission defined the benchmark price of PV. Analysts believe that this marks the real start of the domestic PV market, good development of photovoltaic industry. For the emerging photovoltaic industry in Wenzhou, Zhejiang, is to enter the domestic market, a very good opportunity, many companies stepped up, "embattled" domestic market. According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 30 PV companies in Wenzhou, covering almost the main part of the industrial chain, including vertical integration, silicon, EVA film, ratchet tie dowm solar cells, components, etc., the PV industry cluster shape.


Grid focus should be: smart grid, wind, light and power network

     Vehicles to promote the process, as the power of this important energy suppliers, grid companies to play an important role. Whether it is the business model of choice, or infrastructure, or even model vehicles, operations, can see the power company's presence. For the initial stage, the route is constantly exploring the way forward for new energy vehicles, widespread concern is understandable. However, the technology of new energy vehicles still controversial route, direction is unclear and highly specialized things, the electric car "tri" with limited technical understanding of what the power company what the role of the extent to which, Now it seems very necessary discussion. This issue, we published a Green Triangle Institute of Technology, Changshu, Jiangsu Province, Changsha Yongkang article, readers are also welcome to participate in our discussions for the development of new energy vehicles offer advice and suggestions.


Biomass power generation capacity into the fast lane to double

  By 2015, biomass power generation capacity will reach 13 million kilowatts, up 160% over 2010

    July 19 meeting of the national response to climate change and energy conservation leadership group meeting, considered and agreed in principle to "five" comprehensive energy reduction program of work, and energy-saving target decomposition scheme, the main pollutant emission control program . As a result, "five-second" period, China's energy structure will be significant changes to photovoltaic,tow rope wind power and biomass for the generation of new sources of clean energy will be leaps and bounds.


United States invented the paper-thin bio-available liquid energy battery power

   Recently, scientists at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute announced that they developed a body fluid in the electrolyte can be used to generate electricity, "body fluid battery." This indicates that we are from the "bio-energy battery" really come a step closer. Scientists hope that "bio-energy battery," or other body fluids to the body by excretion of organic compounds to generate electricity, such as tears andtow rope urine.


Lei Nuoer RNHV area high-voltage converter by the year 2011 the first prize of Science and Technology Progress Award

 August 25, 2011 in Science and Technology Awards Jiading District Jiading, Shanghai Science and Technology Conference and Expo opening ceremony, on Haileinuoer Technology Co., Ltd. completed and declared "RNHV modern microprocessor technology and high-voltage inverter PWM control technology research and application "project, won the Jiading District, Science and Technology progress Award, reflecting the Leinuo Er independent innovation and core competitiveness of the overall strength.


Shanghai and wind power utility model patents are highest in the first domestic provinces

    The new energy industry in Shanghai, recently announced a set of numbers can be described as mixed: solar, wind and other technology patent applications, the Shanghai provinces and autonomous regions in China in the forefront, but compared with multinational corporations, local businesses and research institutions is very different. In this global concern, the highly competitive field, Shanghai should do something, you must also add a fresh.


Escort Child Safety: Breaking the socket "double-action to protect the door of love."

     Prevention of child electric shock, the hardware protection education should be more important than verbal!

    Today, a wide range of household appliances and the growing popularity, although to make life with a lot of convenience,ratchet tie dowm but also to bring a lot of children growing security risks. Authority figures, children with a very strong curiosity and curiosity of the unknown, leading to the likelihood of an accident several times higher than adults, "electric shock" booster cables accident is one of them. According to relevant survey results show that children caused by the sockets of electric shock accident showed an increasing trend, "child electrical safety" has become a topic of much concern to the community!


Phone for business or things will usher in the explosive growth

    Mobile phone can do remote control. Ai Media network before the phone was held in Guangzhou of things business conference, a reporter at the scene witnessed this scene: iPhone by operating a mobile phone, toys, small plane circling in the air, and the ability to issue different commands based on the phone to complete the a variety of difficult moves.


Lanxess, Germany actively committed to sustainable development in China

     To raise awareness of the high-tech plastic, cognitive, German specialty chemicals group LANXESS will be in 2011 as the "high-tech plastic LANXESS years. " Celebration is a series of publicity around this is to improve the lives of many special materials to start, in many applications, including automotive,ratchet tie dowm electronics / electrical and household appliances and sports equipment industry, LANXESS is playing a high-tech plastic Important role.booster cables In addition, they actively contribute to sustainable development and environmental technology.


Dongguan help community fire safety firewall mode

   Since last December, according to the deployment of the provincial government, Dongguan City to Wancheng, East, South City,ratchet tie dowm Wan Jiang, four city streets as the center, carried out a thorough fire safety community to promote and build a "firewall" pilot project work.


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