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Emission reduction achieved remarkable results - the "Eleventh Five-Year" Review

    CPC Central Committee and State Council attached great importance to energy saving and emission reduction, energy saving, as the adjustment of economic structure, transform the mode of response to climate change, an important starting point to promote the scientific development, put forward the "Eleventh Five-Year" unit GDP energy consumption reduced by 20% ,booster cables the total discharge of major pollutants by 10% of the binding.


Spread the concept of smart grid series of high power unit

     Five with Yang, yesterday received the green the market weakness, stocks subject to the policy has continued to help strengthen, James "smart grid" concept stocks more innovative high.

    Industry sources said that in the context of structural adjustment, power industries as a basis for the reorganization of assets throughout the year to become the subject of the concept of investment opportunities,booster cables star power yesterday, Experian electrical and other high points on the probe after another, yesterday's intraday record Wenshan Electric Power a new high, too, with five out of the sun.

China's leading chain of smart grid 40 trillion industry has improved steadily

    September 2010, Jiangsu Province, established the Smart Grid industry Union (Chi Network Alliance). Chi Web Consortium by the State Power NARI, prosperous Group, co-sponsored by 16 units, more than 50 companies to join virtually every smart electricity grid, Jiangsu Province, downstream industry chain, all the elite.


Range Hood China market: to start a new round of innovation and competition

    "Compared with the cooking and sterilizing cabinet, over the years, range hood industry pattern of either product or market position, have undergone relatively large change." Guangdong Electric Co., Ltd.booster cables million and the new director of domestic marketing center Xu Weiguo same point of view, many hood manufacturers who are held responsible for such a view.

U.S. development of new contact lens wearers can be monitored blood glucose levels

    According to the British "New Scientist" recently reported that U.S. scientists will be eye-friendly transparent material combined with microelectronics, have developed a new contact lenses, booster cables the glasses can be worn with diabetes who monitor blood glucose levels.

Shanghai Cable Association: to promote energy-saving technological transformation

    Recently, Shanghai Electric Wire & Cable Industry Association organized the "extruder to promote energy-saving on-site exchange will" to promote the use of the latest energy saving technology, and gradually transform the units in the cross-linking experiments to further promote energy saving wire and cable industry.


Kunming Pharmaceutical Factory explosion detonated by electrical sparks ethanol

    At 9:51 on December 30, 2009, Kunming Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. The new bio-explosion and fire incidents, resulting in 5 deaths and 8 burns. 18, the accident investigation team sent by communications trouble, and the main reason.


Volvo to show the world the first electric car safety new results

    Volvo electric car in the field of security for its groundbreaking research, once again demonstrated the company's 80 years of glorious history of innovation and strong research capabilities.

    In the 2011 North American International Auto Show, Volvo (Volvo) Motor Company unveiled a speed of 64 km to the C30 positive electric cars after the collision, in a unique way unusual car industry made to the safety of electric vehicles important issue. Volvo electric car in the field of security for its groundbreaking research,booster cables once again demonstrated the company's 80 years of glorious history of innovation and strong research capabilities.


Machine Tool Technology Innovation Alliance have begun operations

    Machine tool industry in national economic development at an important position, it is a strategic industry for national defense and security relations as well as equipment manufacturing machine tools in China.
    With the rapid development of China's economic construction, advanced technology, unprecedented national equipment manufacturing industry in the industrial upgrading, the requirements for high-end CNC machine tools has been quite urgent.booster cables Especially in aerospace, defense industry, nuclear power, wind power, automotive, high-speed intercity rail transportation equipment, special materials field, slim and shaped surface parts are made of high-speed, high precision, multi-axis complex machining requirements, market Heavy demand for high-end CNC machine tools has increased annually. Therefore, battery clip China's heavy-duty machine tool industry and to improve technological innovation capability and core competitiveness, accelerate the revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry, has become the top priority. The machine tool industry to create technological innovation made the strategic alliance is in line to improve the overall technological level of China's heavy-duty machine to play the business advantages and developing country research projects of heavy CNC machine tools,tow rope rapid increase in the level of heavy-duty machine tool technology trends.


2011 new energy vehicles play begins: see "infrastructure"

    Field of the "players" are aware of new energy vehicles has become an inevitable trend, but this does not mean that now we must attack, shot.

    2010 World Cup staged in South Africa, everyone knows, China's new energy vehicle market is staged another game.booster cables Here is not only forward, center, guard, and goalkeeper and cheerleaders, the court was running, it was shot, it was a show, there are people diving, brilliant as much as the World Cup.


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