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Analysis of the second half of 2010, the price trend in China Valve

    Overall, China's valve market in the second half of 2010 operating environment in which opportunities and challenges, the price is bullish and bearish factors coexist, and continues to heat up direction.

    First, the internal and external demand continues strong.


NEC and Neusoft Group work together to launch cloud computing service

    Today, NEC Corporation (hereinafter referred to as the NEC) and its subsidiary NEC (China) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as NEC (China)) with the Neusoft Group Co., Ltd. (600718.SH, hereinafter referred to as Neusoft Group) and its subsidiary Neusoft Information Technology Services Limited (hereinafter referred to as Neusoft Institute of Information Technology) common in the Chinese market cloud services business has signed a cooperation agreement.

How to accelerate the mechanical and electrical hardware and equipment manufacturing industry, docking

    Hardware is used in the production and life of metal products, gold, silver, copper, iron, aluminum, tin and other products called hardware products. Metal products sub-company: building hardware, daily hardware, decorative hardware, hardware tools, fire equipment, groceries and so on.

In the adjustment to go on the machine tool industry in China in 2009 Milestones

    1. Caha President Hu Jintao as the amount.

    Key words: attention and expectations.

    June 27, is general secretary of the CPC Heilongjiang investigation, the State President and CMC Chairman Hu Jintao, came to Harbin Measuring & Cutting Tool Co., Ltd. production workshop, booster cables a cordial visit the work in the field of industrial workers, encouraged them to develop their own technology, and constantly enhance competitive, difficult to see from the opportunity to increase research and development efforts to acquire more core and key technologies, and providing technical reserves for future development and lay a better foundation. This is the general secretary of the company's strong industry-wide expectations.


Moore's Law, who led after the era of the chip industry

    Moore's Law of integrated circuits under the guidance of the production is approaching the limits of the laws of physics,booster cables the chip industry, an urgent need for alternative technologies.

Cause of the fire vehicle classification and scene investigation, evidence collection

    In recent years, as China's rapid economic development and rising living standards, the incidence of car fires also been increased.
    Compared to vehicle fires and building fires, although the range is generally damaged less severely, to find traces of physical evidence, collection is difficult, the parties are basically difficult to accurately provide the fire site, can not accurately identify the cause of the fire caused. Therefore, the right experience and approach a certain amount of fire investigators is necessary.


Wendeng mechanical and electrical tools and other industrial transformation road spacious

    Shandong Peninsula like a bulge in the Bohai Sea of green ribbon, and ribbons on the city is dotted with flashes of pearl, is one of Wendeng one. Advantage of the mountain facing the sea, so that here the endogenous formation of both type and export-oriented economic characteristics.


Machinery industry: industry will face the future regulation of the pressure recovery

    Machinery industry showed a profit with the economic recovery of V-type reversal. Machinery industry in 2009 earnings per share weighted average of 0.3605 yuan, 2010.1Q weighted average earnings per share of 0.0862 yuan.
   Machinery industry in 2009 11.62% profit growth of listed companies, the net growth of -6.65% return on assets; 2010, booster cables a 51.11% growth in quarterly profit, return on net assets up 22.5%. Since 2009, a quarter, the machinery industry as the domestic economic recovery, there is a clear V-reversal, earnings growth driven by accelerating demand for resumption of growth, cost reduction and cost decrease.


Yushu earthquake: Fire tough fight continues

    They had thousands of miles across the emergency relief had sleepless days writing a sense of loyalty to heaven and earth. Now, in every scene reconstruction, resettlement area in all areas, still see them busy.
    In the settlements, they got into the tent, hands-on teaching of the affected people how to use fire extinguishers; at the site, booster cables they carefully check the electrical lines, to ensure the construction does not leave security vulnerabilities. They non-stop, day and night visits, constant vigilance to ensure the reconstruction of fire safety; them out of distress,battery clip where the need arises --- where they are from Yushu in Qinghai Province Public Security Fire Department fire the implementation of relief headquarters, duty tasks officers and men ... ...


Into a battery electric car is far from simple engine


    Green electric vehicles to bring the dream of mankind is obvious that free from dependence on fossil fuels, booster cables but does not produce emissions of transport, in theory, be called "the most environmentally friendly" means of transport. This is the man to do more than a century, has not yet achieved the dream.


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