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Effective depth of interpretation "supermarket chain" model

    Effective tool to always give us surprises, recently launched the "hardware. Appliances. Commodity supermarket chain" concept and planning, this one, amazed the world, attracting attention from all sides.
    The effective hit the "create a brand to create a boss from the" slogan, plans to build 5,000 national chain stores, the achievements of 5,000 entrepreneurs in the country, "the boss dream.booster cables " 2009 has been launched effective electrical "supermarket chain" model, the early results. What is a "supermarket" model, what prompted the initiation of the concept of effective, any special, with the mode of propulsion, lift the veil, that layer of mystery gradually retire.


Fox Westinghouse Electric valves by China orders

    Recently, Fox won the Westinghouse Electric Company, two major orders, the two projects Westinghouse nuclear power projects in China AP1000TM.
    As early as last May,booster cables Fox had won the Westinghouse Electric Company for the Chinese nuclear power projects in the two steam isolation valves of the project order,battery clip under the Westinghouse Electric Company for valves of other security-related orders, including the Westinghouse nuclear projects AP1000TM use to the main feedwater isolation valve and electric valve.

Electric injection molding machine method of fault analysis and description

   Part of the phenomenon of electrical fault causes for the failure troubleshooting.

   The motor can not start.

   1, no control power.

   2,booster cables fuse failure or fire.

Investment in Securities: high level of electrical optimistic about the State Grid Corporation entered the strategic impact

    High level of electrical (600 312) today announced 2009 interim report, operating income fell 8.80%, excluding non-recurring gains and losses net profit fell 17.88%,booster cables EPS 0.138 million, slightly better than previous market expectations.

KGI: Confidence Confidence-style expansion continued holdings of electrical


    Shanghai Zhixin Electric Co., Ltd. is a company dedicated to the development of high-tech products, high-tech transformation, booster cables application and industrialization of operations of private listed companies.

Dongfang Electric Guotai Junan maintain investment grade collection

    Sina Financial News Dongfang Electric 01072.HK09 in the third quarter net profit rose 17.2%, Guotai Junan to maintain its "collection" investment rating.

    Guotai Junan Securities, said the first three quarters Dongfang Electric Corporation income rose 19.23% to 22.79 billion yuan,booster cables net profit rose 39.32% to 1.058 billion yuan, corresponding to earnings per share of 1.20 yuan, respectively, equivalent to our full-year forecast and the average market 65% and 67%, worse than we expected.battery clip Third quarter consolidated gross profit margin was 15.49% higher than the first half of 2009 rose by only 0.17 percentage points, we believe that the slow recovery in gross margin was worse than we are led to company performance and market the main reason. The third quarter, new orders is only 13.8 billion yuan, worse than our expectations.tow rope So, we were 09-11 down the annual income of -4%, -2%, -2%. Although the company's third quarter gross margin recovery slower than expected, but the fix did not change the trend. We were raised to 15.4% gross profit margin of 09-11 years, 15.9%, 16.0%.


WANG Ji: Dongfang Electric gorgeous turn

    Dongfang Electric's growth brings the value of our series of thinking is: a planned economy era, came to the business, it changes the key turning point in the market is how to choose the development path?
    It is how to build their competitive edge to respond to market challenges?booster cables If you put it in a larger global market, it can not be a leader in the manufacturing sector in China?


Half-day or 0.42% GEM Jiuzhou Electric fell nearly 5% led by

    GEM half-day or 0.42%, more than Liucheng stocks fell, down nearly 5% of Jiuzhou Electric to continue leading the decline.

    42 GEM stocks, rising to 15 only, back to the natural rubber industry,booster cables,battery clip,tow rope,ratchet tie dowm rose 4.02% led the gains, rbattery clip ising 3.83% Pathfinder, Ireland Eye, Ding Han technology Ultrapower were up more than 2%. tow rope There are 27 down, down 4.95% to Jiuzhou Electric led by a high sodium Steel fell 4.51% research, the new states fell more than 3% of the universe,ratchet tie dowm Netac     Technology, Yoshimine agricultural fell more than 2%.

Sao Paulo, Brazil 2010 Electrical and Lighting International Lighting Fair / International Lighting Fair / Interior Lighting Fair / outdoor light show

    Sao Paulo, Brazil 2010 Electrical and Lighting International Lighting Fair / International Lighting Fair / Interior Lighting Fair / outdoor light show 0592-5378306 Sao Paulo, Brazil 2010,booster cables Miss Xu Electrical and Lighting International Lighting Fair / International Lighting Fair / Interior Lighting Fair / Outdoor Light Show 0592 -5,378,306 Miss Hsu.


Export-led demand for railway equipment will continue to rise

   July 13, China and Argentina signed a 100 billion dollars in rail cooperation agreement.booster cables Analysts pointed out that China already has become the world center of rail equipment manufacturing capacity to the Ministry of Railways led to the alliance of the main railway related enterprises "going out" strategy in 2010 into the harvest period.


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