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Uhv equipment into the investment boom cycle

Although recent uhv equipment stocks have been unable to run win grail, but because our country uhv line in construction in succession, means that related stocks growth trend more sure, financial game model also showed a long term capital have started tentative.


CHINAPLAS 2012 sings: enterprise group/new technology

Thanks to all kinds of positive factors, the exhibition except in scale and CHINAPLAS exhibitors quantity, but also will add a new record. According to the organizers are expecting, the number of visitors to the exhibition will break 100000, including the industry association of all members of the organization CanGuanTuan, they yesterday morning to reach the exhibition registration, which made the atmosphere more lively.


In view of the Japan nuclear disaster nuclear power can survive for long

About a year ago, the attention of the world focused on Japan: huge tsunami swept across the land, and to destroy all the meeting "barrier", including nuclear power plant. The world was shocked speechless, many residents in Japan but also witnessed life was completely devastated.


Involvement photovoltaic industry upheaval ST bo yuan restructuring die young

Because the underlying asset valuations have considerable differences about, ST bo yuan (600656) led the photovoltaic industry plan was forced to termination.

ST bo yuan announcement today, since 2011, since the fourth quarter, the company assets reorganization of the mark of enterprise JiangXiRui crystal solar technology Co., LTD. By industry fluctuations,tow rope operational performance down, though the parties agree to adjust the asset of mark the transfer price, but cannot agree on a price adjustment range. ST bo yuan xin and Swedish investment Co., LTD, CaiChangChun, xin th embellish the solar energy application Co., LTD consensus terminate the assets reorganization, and sign the "about ending < zhuhai bo yuan investment Co., LTD about JiangXiRui crystal solar technology Co., LTD. Of issuance of shares for the acquisition of assets, battery clip and asset sale agreement > agreement".


"1025" instruments industry development opportunities

With the expansion of the market demand, and people life the instrumentation industry has developed rapidly, but because technology and innovation and other reasons, tow rope the domestic industry and foreign instrument still has a huge gap, key technology scarce, low level repeat, the stability of the products and get the solution of the basic reliability, high precision instruments in the still rely heavily on imports, import a lot of adverse effects of industry development.


The research and development of wireless sensor network monitoring programme

Recently, located in Germany Heidelberg of the European telecommunications development and strategic research institute completed the eu research framework plan of the seventh WSAN4CIP research projects, research and development and test based on wireless sensor power and water supply network monitoring solutions.


UPS power industry go "green, low carbon" development way

  Along with the development of science and technology economy, energy and environment problem increasingly, also requires the UPS industry to "green, low carbon" development, tow rope however the real green "low carbon" UPS power supply, performance for harmonic current small to electricity from the grid harmonic pollution small, UPS operation of the high efficiency, reduce the consumption.


China's wind power enterprise fan underwater opportunity

So far, there has not been a German sea wind power projects are interested in the Chinese enterprise financing said. Nelson also said he doubted that China enterprise whether material into the European market sea wind, ratchet tie dowm the latter than land wind power market access barriers and high, the risk and cost much more. "Unless China fan equipment manufacturers takeover market existing participants, for example, is selling the BARD company, or more of the manufacturers."


Stop production of new wave energy industry increased polysilicon

    China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association latest statistics branch of the silicon industry, the domestic polysilicon spot prices continued to fall to the bottom of the 20-23 yuan / ton, more than 40 domestic polysilicon business more than 80% has fallen into halted state, including Tianwei change (600 550),ratchet tie dowm Leshan Electric Power (600644), Sichuan investment energy (600 674) and other listed companies.


The national development and reform commission: increase the price difference between punishment electricity prices to carry out strength

December 16,, the national development and reform commission director zhang ping in the national development and reform at work the topic "unified thought, clear mission, solid in 2012 to development and reform work" report. The meeting noted that, to increase the price difference, punitive electricity prices to carry out strength, tow rope inhibit excessive growth hing energy-consuming profession.


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