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Shandong and Shanxi Shanxi in steelmaking coal to the steel field could repeat the story

    National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of the persons concerned in the "2011 China's steel Planning Forum", said the country is the preparation and implementation of the 18 national key special planning.

Power generation equipment industry, there are seven major expectations of the domestic machine tool

    "To meet the power generation equipment industry needs, in addition to gradually increase domestic CNC machine tools in the trust, machine tool industry should also further improve the efficiency, accuracy, and gradually overcome the numerical control system and other weak links." Chinese Academy of Engineering Liang Weiyan recently on China Industry News reporter stressed said.


Speed ??to quality by the machine tool industry or over 10% in 2011

    Recently, the China Industry News reporter on the operation of the machine tool industry in 2010 and 2011, interviewed industry trends in China Machine Tool Industry Association executive vice president Miss Berlin.

    He said that the central economic work conference stressed the changes in mode of development, speed up structural adjustment, improve quality and efficiency of investment, and strictly control investment in industries with excess capacity, prevention of new low-level redundant construction. This will make the industry more concerned about the quality of investment, rather than the pursuit of investment in fixed assets. Machine tool industry in 2010 the rapid growth of its base increase will also affect the growth rate in 2011. ratchet tie dowm Therefore, the machine tool industry in 2011, the growth rate should not exceed 10%. In the past 2010 years, the industry's accumulated industrial output value of 553.68 billion yuan, an increase of 40.6%.


LED street lighting, Guangzhou Rui inferior quality sampling

    April 7 news, spot checks showed that the Guangdong Bureau of Quality Supervision, sharp light LED lights of inferior quality.

    To ensure product quality and safety, a few days ago, the Guangdong Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau of Guangdong Province, production of LED lights and LED lights with light controller products for a special supervision and spot checks, spot checks showed sharp nominal lighting by the Guangzhou Science and Technology Co The sharp light LED lights unqualified, unqualified project for external wiring and internal wiring, dust and water resistant, insulation resistance and electric strength, the initial luminous efficiency,ratchet tie dowm power terminal disturbance voltage.


Large character inkjet printer technology breakthroughs of the advantages of

    Large character inkjet printer in the food industry widely used in food packaging production date, expiry date and batch number and bar code printing. Large character inkjet printer technology breakthroughs, and the advantages are:


SABIC Innovative Plastics bring a breakthrough program of aircraft interiors show debut

    April 6, 2011 - Today, SABIC Innovative Plastics in Aircraft Interiors Show (Aircraft Interiors Expo) B exhibit hall booth 5F33 high-performance thermoplastic resins, sheet, foam sheet and composite plates, these solutions can help Airline customers should reduce the weight, in line with Bank regulatory requirements to achieve sustainability and improve the flying experience, etc. challenges.


Sanmen Bay Electric: to create a national brand mission terminal

    Sanmen Bay, as the earliest electrical connection to rail spring (technology) is widely used in terminal block (connector) of the major brands, has become more well-known synonym for electrical connection technology.

    After ten years of development, the company has advanced production technology, scientific management system and quick delivery process. Company not only passed the CE safety and quality certification system, and the use of the whole process of quality management systems to ensure that users get the highest quality products and satisfactory service. Products have been widely used in various industries: such as electricity,ratchet tie dowm petroleum, railway, shipbuilding, elevator, chemical, and so on ....


Residential installation of automatic fire alarm system is imperative

     September 13, 2010 Ministry of Public Security informed the fire situation in China in 2010, according to statistics, from January to August, China's fire occurred 8.9 million nationwide, the death of 729 people, a fire killed 45 people or more 3 since last year up 25%.


Good at both stations Linquan tear seal the 10th person in charge of Detention

    March 31, Fuyang City, Anhui Linquan County Fire Department jurisdiction according to law, the head of the two stations respectively custody for 10 days administrative penalties.

    The reason the event from March 29 but also talk about the day, the county fire inspection and law enforcement officers in the area of ??the Central Plains Huang Zhen blue gas station gas stations and enforcement inspection found that the two space stations and residential building fire serious shortage of gas stations in the insufficient number of fire-fighting equipment configuration, not set fire pits, fire blankets and other fire-fighting facilities,ratchet tie dowm places do not have the fire fighting capabilities, and there is random access private electric lines, etc. pull a series of serious fire safety hazard. Found that the situation under examination, March 30, the county fire department shall implement a temporary station on the two seizure, and ordered the seizure of two people responsible within the time limit in the existing fire hazard on a thorough rectification.


Support India's power grid construction ABB HVDC

    Zurich, Switzerland, April 2, 2011 - the world's leading power and automation technology group ABB has announced that the State Grid Corporation of India for the construction of high voltage DC transmission (UHVDC) line to provide transmission system, the total contract value of approximately $ 900,000,000 .


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