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Builders opened fire extinguishing drill class experience of migrant workers

    March 25, Shapingba District of University City fire brigade officers and men went to construction sites, for the days of building area of ??more than 600 branches in Chongqing migrant workers a vivid and practical fire safety courses to further improve our site migrant workers safety awareness to help them acquire the knowledge and self-rescue escape fire prevention methods, and good results.


Delphi Electronics Show in Shanghai, innovative technology

    Recently, in 2011 Munich Shanghai Electronics Show, Delphi Corp. showcased its range of key used in electric vehicle electrical / electronic architecture, data connectivity and active safety technologies and products, including electric vehicles, electrical and electronic systems, portable charger system, battery pack, high pressure / shielded harness and wire, battery monitoring devices, high voltage electrical center connector system, and the use of Delphi's advanced anti-collision technology, radar and cameras.


"LED lighting system to make it easier" to visit the forces involved in health LED power supply module

   LED lighting, setting examples in the growing market is expected to expand. New LED lighting business involved in many enterprises, expanding the scope of companies involved with the hope of easy to design LED lighting demand is growing.


Depth Perspective: The Development of China's LED industry, the advantages and disadvantages

   And multinational corporations, the Chinese LED companies in many areas there is a big gap. How to improve China's LED core competitiveness of enterprises, and actively participate in the competition of globalization, we urgently need to consider.


Eaton Agent Conference 2011 opened a new journey in China

     Eaton Agent Conference 2011 held in Taipei, opened a new campaign year, a prelude to the Chinese market
     From 1911 the workshop a production of seven axles, developed into a 2011 annual sales of 13.7 billion U.S. dollars in global diversified power management company Eaton across the centuries, this is both a remarkable milestone,booster cables but also a new journey of the next start.


Fan manufacturing industry in China is entering a new stage

    Running race, the first lap out in front of the players, not necessarily win the championship, or even not able to run the entire distance.

    If the global wind turbine manufacturing industry as a running race, China's Sinovel, Goldwind, Dongfang Electric and other companies already ran into the first camp, the number of established foreign enterprises, booster cable such as Siemens, India's Suzlon and other behind them. From 2009, new wind power installed capacity point of view, the three Chinese companies were ranked third in the world has, fifth, seventh.


Elevator and fire Fire ordinary Comparison of the lift function

    Fire the elevator when a fire in the building for the use of fire for fire fighting and rescue capabilities and has a lift. Thus, fire has a higher fire safety requirements of the elevator, the fire design is very important.


Fujian Motor Electric Industrial output value of hundreds of billions of cluster

    Six industries in Fujian Province in the mechanical industry, electrical appliances industry, the highest output. As for the development adhere to the theme of innovation, Fujian Motor Electric Industrial leaps and bounds.

Transformation of rural power distribution network of electrical equipment company launched the most benefit

    2011 as a "second Five Year Plan" the first year, the five-year development of China's future plans are in full swing in the layout,booster cables January 5, Premier Wen Jiabao chaired a State Council executive meeting, decided to implement the new round of rural network upgrading project.


Saving and environmental protection: the first strategic emerging industries (with benefit shares)

    "This is the best of times, this is the worst of times," and this Dickens in "Tale of Two Cities," the famous opening words, apply the most suitable energy-saving environmental protection industry, however.


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