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Shanghai Sinovel said Wang subscription of new shares to be 9 million children a number

    Today, China's largest wind power equipment manufacturers - Sinovel Technology (Group) Co., Ltd. formal release in the Shanghai main board market, the issue price of 90 yuan per share, the Shanghai stock market hit a historical record of the issue price of the motherboard.

Car maintenance trap errors before more comprehensive raise awareness of prevention

    Motor vehicle ownership in the city currently is 150 million, which is still brand new car on a day rate surged more than 200. booster cables Enjoy the car for the step to bring convenient, many people are upset about the car for repairs.

Gansu Bureau of Quality Supervision: electric blanket into a passing rate of only two

    Recently, the Quality Supervision Bureau of Gansu Province, the province announced Q3 production and circulation distribution of power tools, low-voltage electrical appliances, motors, electric blanket, general medical equipment,booster cables track 12 categories of product quality supervision and inspection on a regular basis.

Industrial Robot "becoming more and on the" optimistic about the future development of

    Industrial robot is a mechanical, electronic, control, computer, sensors, artificial intelligence and other subjects of advanced technology in one important modern manufacturing automation equipment.
    Since 1962, the United States developed the world's first industrial robot, robot technology and product development rapidly and have become a flexible manufacturing system (FMS), automated factory (FA),booster cables computer integrated manufacturing system (CIMS) automation tool.


B & R: ARPOL DCS system control of natural gas storage unit


    A process operator to rely on a single manufacturer's control system has gradually become obsolete. East Germany's natural gas supplier for the VNG, the choice of new system, taking into account the future system portability, flexibility is a decisive factor.

Appreciation of the renminbi is expected to increase exports of electrical equipment companies, "mixed"

    Core Tip: Not long ago, China Electrical Equipment Industry Association released the "first quarter of 2010 economic operation of electrical equipment industry" (hereinafter referred to as "analysis"), booster cables in which issues of concern and measures need to recommend a clear reference in: Power Equipment enterprises "of the RMB appreciation is to be prepared."

Residential Fire Cause Analysis and Countermeasures Probe

    With economic development, land resources, the growing shortage of residential housing is no longer the original single-layer or multi-storey buildings, residential high-rise buildings has become the main choice, combined with high-end residential home decoration, household appliances and household transport tools increases, booster cables gas, gas, natural gas and other tools of modern life more and more people into the family, they continue to provide convenient, but also to the highly civilized society disaster.

Make investment income with the "rest" dance

    May's CPI data is expected, consumer price index in May rose 3.1%, more than 3% of the cordon, a record high of 19 months. At present, one-year deposit interest rate commercial banks is 2.25%, compared with the CPI index is equivalent to shrink by 85 basis points.

Schneider Electric Du Huajun: main building energy efficiency market

    Although the total business volume last year, only 20% of the company's China operations, booster cables the current development of this market is still difficult, but Schneider Electric (China) has announced that it would have been the main effort into energy efficiency, particularly in the field of building energy efficiency .


Dongfang Electric, Morgan Stanley see that 44 per

   Research report published by Morgan Stanley, the Dongfang Electrical Machinery (01072) Investment rating by the "big city Sync" moved to "overweight," target price from 15.7 yuan to 44.07 yuan increase substantially to reflect the growth of its nuclear power business,booster cables higher than expected gross margin of wind power and coal-generating capacity of better than expected.


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