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Century Securities: XJ Electric assets into the net in the contemporary era entered the country in the long term benefits

    2009 revenues of 1.063 billion yuan in the first half the company rose 11.89% year on year operating profit growth of 81.30% 87,419,300 yuan; net profit of 57.1453 million yuan year on year growth of 34.59%; to achieve 0.15 per basic earnings per share of net assets yield 2.61%.

Civil engineering and drainage, electrical installation, etc.

    Industry: machinery and electronic appliances.
    Standard information categories: domestic bidding.
    Source: other.
    Location: Yunnan.

    1. PRC Government has received a World Bank loan for construction projects in Yunnan Urban Environmental Construction,booster cables part of the loan funds will be used for waste disposal project in Lijiang Old Town District sanitary landfill construction contracts (LJ/1.1.1) qualified under the payments. The existing issued by the World Bank "Procurement Guidelines" set forth in the qualified bidders may participate in the bidding.

General Electric Vice President of Xi'an Municipal Committee reception line

    Noon yesterday, the Provincial Committee and Party Secretary in the Bell Tower Hotel Sun Qingyun, met with U.S. Vice President of General Electric Company Mark Norbom line.

    Sun Qingyun first visit Xi'an,booster cables welcomed the guests and briefly introduced this year in Xi'an Economic and social development. He said that Xi'an is focusing on the development of clean energy and semiconductor lighting industry, actively promoting green urban construction, General Electric Company and Xi'an in this regard has a strong industrial complementarity, cooperation is very big. Sun Qingyun hope is to establish a comprehensive,battery clip long-term strategic partnership to further strengthen communication and contact, refine the content of cooperation in the LED lighting industry, green building in the city made the first breakthrough.tow rope Municipal government will strongly support the General Electric Company in the development of Xi'an.


Chinese and Western! Electric stoves 9B72 main boss after 80

    Want to eat pasta and hard to resist the delicious Chinese chow mein? The pursuit of quality of life, people naturally do not forget to also join in the food element of the square and enjoy the wonderful taste of the most diverse tour.

Bureau of Energy, accelerate the construction of gas storage plans should "coal electrical shortage"

      January 22, the National Energy Board released the energy situation in 2009 and 2010 outlook.

      China is expected to total energy production in 2010 will continue to maintain growth,booster cables the effect of policies by the base and other factors, the energy growth rate may show a typical "slow down after the former" battery clip feature.


Available 17 General Electric developed a new type of LED bulbs

    Energy saving concept has been advocated by one of the industry, LED's advantages in this popularity makes it more widely. According to reports,booster cables General Electric GE recently developed a LED on the energy-saving light bulbs, the bulb life of up to 17 years.

State General Electric drive the project in Dalian in the Golden State Foundation

      June 29, General Electric Co., Ltd. Dalian State Drive project foundation laying ceremony was held in New Golden State.
     Dalian Jinzhou District Party Working Committee,booster cables the CMC director Zhang Shikun, Golden State District Party Working Committee, the CMC Wu Jihua, deputy director of Beijing Sinovel Technology (Group) Co., Ltd., Dalian Guotong Chairman Han Junliang Electric Co., Ltd.,battery clip Dalian Heavy Industries? Crane Group Vice President Tianchang Jun, Golden State Bureau of New District Management Committee related to the leadership,tow rope cooperation, business leaders, group leaders and other relevant offices, attended the ceremony.


New technologies boost the rapid development of concrete pump market

    With the accelerated pace of China's economy, many large construction projects have been launched, the market showed a surge in demand for concrete machinery situational.
    Meanwhile,booster cables the state has banned the introduction of an urban policy to use on-site mixed concrete, concrete pump trucks and other concrete machinery explode.battery clip These favorable external conditions for the development of concrete pump provided a broad space. At present, the concrete pump market, although sales are still small, but the technical content and high value-added products,tow rope the domestic market in the Trinity, and other domestic companies in joint development, driven by rapidly.


Analysis: Development of programmable automation controller

    The rapid development of automation technology. Are in a era of rapid change.
    From semiconductors to consumer electronics, to automotive and aviation manufacturing and light industry and logistics industry, booster cables such as a variety of industries are facing increasingly intense global competitive pressures, they need to further reduce costs, shorten production cycle, battery clip and can speedy completion of the upgrading of products. The use of the latest automation technology to solve this series is an effective means of problem.


China, U.S. release of the thin-walled rectangular steel dual duty order

    Chinese Ministry of Commerce announced that the U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC) in the "Federal Register" on the release of Chinese thin-walled rectangular steel exports to the U.S. anti-dumping and countervailing duty orders, booster cables which follows the standard steel case, the United States and the second time for me products, battery clip countervailing duties, the rate is 2.17% -200.58%.


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