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Sino-Russian border the largest exhibition center mechanical and electrical products will be put into use

    After a one-year construction of the building, the development of Sino-Russian business cooperation in the border areas between China and Russia's largest mechanical and electrical products exhibition center will be completed in October 2008 and put into use for the two countries to build a standardized mechanical and electrical products trading platform,booster cables create the radiation and the Russian Far East sales base of electromechanical products,battery clip transit base.


Steel 2008 Keywords: cost-effective high prices

    First half of 2008 included medium and large steel Steel Association statistics, corporate profits rose 26%. From the current situation, the steel industry in 2008 net profit is expected to increase 30% -40%. "High-cost, high price, high efficiency" booster cables is the 2008 running of the characteristics of the steel industry.


July steel exports rebound in some of the products or the "plus tax"

    June steel exports fell just eased the introduction of steel export control policies to continue the pressure, the latest customs data also show that in July steel exports amounted to 7.21 million tons, booster cables the highest single month record again. Steel billet exports rebounded sharply once again raised concerns on tariff policy, analysts believe that the late part of the steel products are "plus tax" more likely.


Domestic sanitary ware market "deep water" deeply dash

    Ware is a necessity of life of ordinary people. Businesses in order to win the general consumers, expand market share, moves forward.booster cables People who frequently visit the building materials market is not difficult to find nowadays sanitary ware products, the functionality, style to the creativity and variety.

Sustained and rapid development of the market storm fear Shanghai Minmetals Minmetals Import and Export industry among the best in the country

    While many companies export lamented the "winter" approaching, booster cables for many years to export low value-added traditional products Metals and Minerals Import and Export Corporation of the city (hereinafter referred to as the Shanghai Minmetals) cadres and workers rarely been suffering sigh.

Green began to catch on kitchen appliances

    In recent years, with the deeply rooted concept of environmental protection,booster cables kitchen industry lost no time in promoting "green kitchen" concept gradually by the majority of the concerns of consumers.

Sinosteel Australia is expected to acquire Midwest

    "The current Australian Steel Group held 58% stake in Midwest, the acquisition is expected to be completed in mid-September."

    It is understood that Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to Beijing to watch the Olympic Games, has invited China Steel,booster cables China Minmetals Group and Australia "two extension" and other company executives held a luncheon, at which Mr Rudd said that Australia continue to encourage Chinese enterprises to foreign countries,battery clip especially to invest, the country will be equal for all approved.


High-speed cutting technology problems

    In processing technology in the automotive transmission housing, though, high-speed cutting technology with high processing efficiency, cutting force is small, the impact of cutting heat on the workpiece decreases, high machining accuracy and process intensificationbooster cables , etc., but the following problems:


Direction from the price war in value-oriented market-based cabinet turned gorgeous

    The value of the brand-oriented cabinet is formed by more and more accepted by consumers. Although the cabinet has been to small workshop "price war" approach the edge of

OCBC Bank analyst: RMB appreciation of space remain

    Callback for the phenomenon of the RMB, OCBC Bank analyst Xie Dongming, recently said there is still much room for the appreciation of RMB.

    With the U.S. dollar against the yuan since July 16, booster cables after touching its lowest since the reform on the dollar rising against the yuan central parity is a continuous rise.battery clip Meanwhile, the attitude of governments and central banks have to prevent the economy from overheating during the first half to second half of the steady and rapid economic growth into the yuan against the dollar in this environment the trend appreciation of the sudden stop,tow rope making the market speculation that the central bank may devalue the yuan to support economic growth.


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