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7 billion wind power market coating enterprise future is not a dream

According to the national development and reform commission energy institute released "Chinese wind development roadmap 2050" shows that by 2020, 2030 and 2050, China's wind power capacity will reach 200 million, respectively in 400 million and 1 billion kw, and then meet respectively 5%, 8%, 17% of the power demand, tow rope wind power will be the one of the five power supply. And as wind power device umbrella anti-corrosion coatings will also meet a new milestone, an estimated 2010-2020 ten years, our wind power coating gap is 130000 tons, that is when the wind power coatings have nearly 7 billion market.


Global race for renewable energy development, "awkward" in the United States

    If the development of renewable energy compared to a green race, so even though the United States put a lot of time and effort, but it has had to face the fact that in the backward position.

    ratchet tie dowm In this green competition, China is undoubtedly the leader. As the wind power and solar power generation a large number of investment, China has become the leader in this green contest. Half of 2010 global solar cell production in China. Wind power, China will be the United States behind them. In the face of China's renewable energy come from behind, the United States appears to lack stamina.


Stimulating the domestic market of solar photovoltaic industry is the key

   The rapid development of China's PV industry in recent years become an important force in the international market, start the domestic market has become the industry consensus. Some experts and industry insiders suggest, stimulating domestic demand, the PV industry should not only focus on building large-scale photovoltaic power stations, should also learn from foreign experience in active exploration on the basis of a variety of paths.


Network marketing companies to enter the upper hand instrument shall not sub-cycle

  At present, China's SMEs in e-commerce penetration has reached a certain level, in the sales and procurement aspects are beginning to use the Internet means. tow rope According to China Internet Network Information Center (hereinafter referred to as CNNIC) latest survey data show that 33.2% of surveyed small and medium enterprises in the past year there had been online marketing activities. As e-commerce more active instrumentation industry, it is important to network marketing as the expansion of market channels.


Intelligent grid-connected power line communication

    Power Line Communication (PLC) power semiconductor devices can be converted to a common communication network, so as to realize the smart grid. Such a network would power companies and their customers together, so that families with energy awareness ("smart home"), and be able to respond to the state electricity grid. tow rope This includes connecting smart meters, smart grid monitors and street lights.


Tianwei film photovoltaic "winter" to enterprise soft power construction

At present the debt crisis deepens, global photovoltaic market demand rapidly shrinking, pv modules and basic raw materials of polysilicon prices are diving, China photovoltaic industry is experiencing unprecedented "winter".battery clip As a leading enterprise of China film pv baoding tianwei the variable electrical Co., LTD, a subsidiary of film photovoltaic Co., LTD is facing serious situation, but the products in the domestic market share up not down.


Dongfang Electric Corporation cadre training class held in the first phase of group work

  To better implement the central SASAC Party on the latest work of the Organization, further strengthen the organization department and organization of cadres, and continuously improve the scientific level of the organization of the whole group, 24 to 25 November, Dongfang Electric Corporation in the first cadre training period of group work held in the school.


Beijing to tighten credit small business struggling Wenzhou

  Wenzhou is China's economic situation shows the vane, the city's small manufacturers run into trouble, the Chinese economy is an important part of the cast a cloud, ratchet tie dowm and further shaken investor confidence, highlighted the Chinese government in promoting growth and when to strike a balance between inflation risk.


2011 construction of the development of our smart grid list

   Strong intelligence network in China in 2011 entered the construction phase, will be in the demonstration project, the electric vehicle charging facilities for electric, new energy and acceptance of, electricity and other aspects of intelligent people promoted.


"Five-second" 8.6% average annual growth of electricity consumption

        State Grid Corporation of Development Planning Lu Jian, vice director expected that the total electricity consumption in 2015 will reach 6.3 trillion kwh, the maximum load is approaching 1.01 billion kilowatts, "five-second" period average annual growth rate of 8.6% and 8.9 %. Power's rapid growth requires the support of ultra-high voltage network construction, he suggested that authorities should accelerate the "Huainan - Shanghai",tow rope "Hami - Zhengzhou" and other special high-voltage lines approved schedule.


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