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Liyuan Hydraulic Components Hydraulic asset prices rose steadily re-

    2008 January to June, Liyuan Hydraulic Company achieved operating income of 896 million yuan, an increase of 62.33%; operating profit of 101 million yuan,booster cables an increase of 73.79%; 85.82 million yuan net profit attributable to parent company, an increase of 51.08%; diluted earnings per share of 0.48 yuan.


Miao foot tower from memory using 30 tons of steel Daoti

    Beijing Olympics closing ceremony, 396, "Torch" performer, climbing on the "memory tower" into a cluster of huge torch burning in people's minds.

    The biggest highlight of the closing ceremony is more than 10 months after the completion of the.


Rio Tinto in the first half revenue rose 55% still refuse to buy BHP Billiton

    BHP Billiton announced in a record performance last fiscal year, its takeover target Rio Tinto also announced yesterday the same growth in the semi-annual results, and continue to reject BHP Billiton's takeover offer.
    However, booster cables the "two extension" agreed that the demand for mineral products will weaken the outside world's expectations, "two extension" battery clip of the future is still full of confidence in the demand for minerals.


Expert Weapon Furniture Hardware how to distinguish between domestic and imported

    Hardware is very critical of modern furniture components, do not look small size, it can decide to some extent, the function and service life of furniture.
   booster cables Now on the market of domestic and imported hardware accessories Hardware huge difference in price, but there is a certain gap between the use of effects, some number of js on the often-made hardware accessories to impersonate imported hardware accessories, to reap huge profits,battery clip then the consumer as non-professionals, how to to protect their own interests? Experts suggest that consumers can judge by the following three ways hardware is really the "import."


Domestic and international market development of non-bearing motor Talking

    Institute of Electrical and Information Engineering, Jiangsu University, Huang-Qiu Zhu and Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich with Professor J. Hugel successfully developed the world's first non-bearing power of 4kW permanent magnet slice motor industry prototype.


Real estate slowdown of construction machinery will face the fourth quarter decline

    Ruoshi machinery industry underperformed the market price, drop the top construction machinery, import tax and VAT components bullish factors.

    Investment Highlights:

    Ruoshi machinery industry market underperformed the market. Q3 machinery sector fell 31.46%, a drop higher than the market average, one strong cycle of shipbuilding,booster cables construction machinery biggest decliners.


Ivory Italian Song Cheng special combination with the development of Yunnan market

    As an industry advocate for high quality products, Ivory clearly intended to do was set up at the beginning of the field of high-end brand in China lift has been in strict accordance with the principles to guide the procurement, production and after-sales service,booster cables do the most secure lift Ivory Italian machine is special company has always been the goal, the intention of making each lift and carefully nurtured the young and progressive brand.

Guardian Insulation: Insulation classification performance and application of paint

    Insulating paint is a polymer-based, under certain conditions can be cured into the insulating film or insulating the importance of the overall insulation material, generally based paint, booster cables solvent or thinner, and supporting material consists of three parts, by using the scope and form of divided into: varnish, paint coverage, silicon steel sheet paint, anti-corona paint four.


Program: Seven Solutions to build a comprehensive security platform for ATM

  ATM manufacturers in the domestic users as the most extensive distribution, the largest corporate installation of equipment, GRG ATM has been the safety performance of the building as a corporate imperative.
    In order to make better use of ATM for the bank to provide cardholders with safe and convenient services,booster cables GRG fully integrate its own financial self-service equipment in the field of experience, from customer information security, cash security, machine safety, intelligent video surveillance system , system security,battery clip service security, technology innovation, launched a complete all-round solution to major financial institutions to join the joint security card for the cardholder escort.


Lean Production Management Yangtze air conditioning mode to eliminate waste

    Yangzi Air conditioning sales in the current increasingly competitive market environment and the poor economic environment that stands in the air conditioning industry, has its own unique philosophy and ideology: scientific management, technological innovation. booster cables Continuously strengthening internal management, hard skills, to lean production management concept as the criterion, launched a series of management changes,battery clip to achieve improved production efficiency and reduce all possible waste, reduce business risk and production management to follow our rules.


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