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This collaborative enterprise development across the road to children Hom

    In terms of China in 2008, was an extraordinary year, from the hundred years of the snowstorm to the appalling earthquake, and originated in the U.S. financial system, is now sweeping the global financial tsunami. booster cables The disaster gave rise to an unprecedented invasion of grief, but people has not fallen, but the strong survived, and become more resilient and strong. Because people deeply understand the "unity" powebattery clip r, "communication" charm, "cooperation" important.


Daquan knowledge of electronic components: PCB layout elements

    One. Circuit board design steps.

    In general,booster cables the basic circuit board design process can be divided into three steps.

    (1). Circuit diagram of the design: the design of the main circuit diagram is PROTEL099 schematic design system (Advanced Schematic) to draw a circuit diagram. In this process, to take full advantage PROTEL99 offer a variety of schematic drawing tools,battery clip a variety of editing functions, to achieve our purpose, that get a correct and fine circuit schematic.


SPX was named the most admired U.S. companies

    SPX Corporation (NYSE: SPW) announced that its companies in the "Fortune" magazine "Most Admired Company" list in 2008 on the list. booster cables This year's list companies in innovation, leadership and financial aspects of doing well.


Transnational hardware procurement will "Jiangsu create" play a key role

    Jiangyan held in China (Jiangsu) International Sourcing hardware industry matchmaking set two records: one from more than 20 countries and regions, buyers, 40% was the second to Jiangsu, and second, growth of foreign participants more than 20%.


TV "TM": business people a bit dizzy with high discount

    May 19, appliance, "TM" approved; June 3 TM "plan" was promulgated, appliance, "trade" activities in the television sets, refrigerators, washing machines,booster cables air conditioners, computers Category 5 appliance manufacturers to begin the pilot started. Appliances active renewal activities will not only help the domestic consumer market,battery clip to help tide over the difficulties the national economy financial crisis, more conducive to strengthening the recycling of used appliances to protect the environment, and conducive to the public from the fundamental benefits.


Urgent out of high-end import dependence Broaching

    "Foreign technology blockade of broaching a very serious, we basically rely on a number of high-end products from Germany, the United States, Japan,booster cables Italy and other imports, and import trend is getting worse." In recent days, pull plug Electrical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Executive Vice plane President Tanjian Wu told reporters on the China Industry News,battery clip breaking the monopoly of foreign Broaching high-end products and technological blockade is imperative.


Sino-US energy cooperation to develop new first

    New Sino-US energy cooperation should be developed first. "September 14, 2009 China-US Energy Forum in Shanghai. From the Chinese Ministry of Science, U.S. Department of Energy, booster cables the Shanghai government leaders and experts in the field of new energy between the two countries, bilateral cooperation on new energy to reach a consensus.


Science and Technology Industrial Park located in Shunyi amorphous trillion Prudential settled in

    Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission and Beijing Shunyi District Government has signed an agreement to build Beijing Science and Technology Industrial Park amorphous.

    Amorphous and Technology Industrial Park is located in Beijing Shunyi New Town,booster cables an area of 1,200 acres, it can accommodate about 20 scale enterprises to enter, will highlight the characteristics of amorphous industry, agglomeration of amorphous core technology industry chain, battery clip industry and key projects to promote science and technology of amorphous results of application. At present the relevant infrastructure is advancing according to plan.


Zhang: the development of equipment manufacturing industry to create a new situation

    In 2008, China's reform and opening ushered in the first 30 years. Meanwhile,booster cables the 2008 is also fully implement the spirit of the party's seventh start of the year.


Industrial Machinery Electrical System breakthrough in international standardization

    Undertaken by the National Standardization Management Committee, the National Industrial Machinery Electrical Systems Standardization Technical Committee (SAC/TC231) and the Beijing Institute of Machine Tool co IEC/TC44 2009 annual meeting in September 21, 2009 -23 held in Beijing.


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