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Ningbo EU exports worth millions of dollars in blocked

    Export products from Ningbo, a total of 102 cases notified by the EU. Tellingly, not all of these cases is due to quality problems caused by the product itself, of which, 8 from the case turned out to be the cause of failure identified export products.booster cables This 8 from the case, the value of a million dollars exports were recalled, or returned. Recently, exports of Ningbo at the Forum informed of the situation identified,battery clip led us identify the problem of close attention.

Guangdong mold industry characteristics Direction of Reading and Transformation

    Editor's Note: Since the reform and opening up, Guangdong Province adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao's geographical advantages and overseas Chinese, Hong Kong and Macao compatriots many cultural advantages into full play,booster cables the original weak basis for sustained and rapid industrial development of a continuous twenty years.

NEC Corporation and Neusoft join forces seek business opportunities in the cloud

    As the saying goes "The early bird gets the worm." Now, NEC Corporation (NEC Corporation) and two Neusoft Group is one such bird, they eat the insects that hundreds of billions of cloud computing market. While other companies are still waiting to see,booster cables when the public areas for the new term are still unfamiliar with the new, someone has been spotted selling action.

Eco-efficient buildings - the perfect fusion of art and technology

    Huge building energy consumption and increasing damage to the environment has drawn increasing public attention, building ecological energy also will become an important task.
    Government advocacy, booster cables policy development, media campaigns, for a time, some words appear frequently in our line of sight, such as: ecological building, energy efficient buildings, green building, high-tech construction, intelligent building and a series of words have changed get familiar with it.battery clip All of these terms to analyze the nature, can be summed up by two points: the high comfort and low power consumption.tow rope The current construction market, this truly low-power products, high-comfort is extremely rare, most products are in the use of various terms for speculation, only one or two high on a simple assembly, and then advertises itself as eco-efficient buildings, so the market is mixed, hard to distinguish. So, what is the real eco-efficient buildings? ratchet tie dowm What can be done to create a high level of eco-efficient buildings?


Investment in wind power industry in full swing machine tool companies need to seize the opportunity

    As an environmental and green energy industry, China's wind power industry in the country related to the new energy policy incentives under a new round of investment into the peak period,booster cables which is a complete set of machine tool industry, many manufacturers also provide business opportunities.


GE Lighting Introduces New Intelligent Air Circuit Breaker

    May 2009, Shanghai, China-GE Consumer & Industrial Products Group will be formally launched in May 2009 EntelliGuardTMG air circuit breakers, is the GE in order to meet industrial,booster cables commercial, residential low-voltage power distribution for high performance intelligent low voltage air circuit breaker needs, and design and development of new global products, high performance,battery clip high reliability, and intelligent features.


Inversion of the business of steel prices helpless "flesh"

    From June to start in early market for steel prices in downward trend intensified early August, with steel prices stabilized stabilized in recent days, so far, from the cold plate to the hot plate,booster cables all varieties of steel were down 1,000 yuan per ton so.

RF coaxial connectors, 2010 industry outlook

    RF coaxial connector is connected to electrical lines of mechanical and electrical components, electrical transmission lines serve to connect or disconnect the role of failure mechanism is a more complex mechatronic products. RF coaxial connector known as RF connectors.booster cables "R" is RADOI (radio frequency) the first letter, "F" is the FREQUENCY (frequency) of the first letter.


3C certified hardware also need to prepare for what to upgrade

    Near the end of the year, various regions of the quality supervision department inspection found that the quality of many hardware products, but off, the enterprise has been exposed, clutching the production enterprises in the same time, improve the quality of employees, booster cables a better understanding of product standards is necessary. Given the many business operators and even 3C certification is not very understanding, and also to maintain the vital interests of consumers, product quality certification can not be ignored.


Showed a trend growth rate of automobile electronic products floating great potential

    Car appear more and more electronic equipment and systems, and they also feature innovative car driver.

    Automobile manufacturers are increasingly using electronic systems and semiconductor integrated circuits for a variety of automotive applications, including driver information and communication, booster cables in-vehicle entertainment electronics, power train and body control electronic equipment and automotive equipment, safety and comfort.


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