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NIOS Ⅱ processor-based Intelligent Home Control System


    In the modern home environment, with the lighting, intelligent appliances, security and other growing equipment, electrical installation, control lines are becoming increasingly complex. At the same time meet the requirements of multi-function, easy installation,booster cables good scalability and low operating costs, as technological development of modern smart home system a necessary requirement.

Advantech DLOG launch ultra-rugged vehicle terminal type MTC6

    Advantech DLOG pleased to announce a new product -MTC6/1010 "industrial vehicle terminal (VMT) grand public. MTC6/1010" industrial-grade ultra-rugged vehicle terminal is a mobile terminal-based system, designed for a variety of extreme conditions of automotive applications and design, such as cargo terminal from the outdoor to indoor forklift between the cold storage, booster cables port container cranes, mining vehicles, agricultural tractors and other heavy duty applications inside and logistics.

New energy: a breakthrough in human technological revolution, the fourth

    The history of human development has occurred in the three technological revolution, these three are mainly from the new technology revolution, the birth and application of production began.booster cables In recent years, some experts suggested that the fourth technological revolution is coming, and new energy technology revolution will be a breakthrough fourth technology revolution.

Oxen passion Straighten the backbone of national machinery manufacturing

    18th century 60's the start of the first industrial revolution, craftsmen were replaced by machine production industry,booster cables from earth-shaking changes have taken place in the world, machines began to support the lifeblood of the entire world economy.battery clip If the first appearance of the machine changed the world, then there Oxen mechanical packaging on the shine of the whole industry and the kitchen food industry.


Fair one end of the high turnover of Jiaxing Hardware industry

    Recently, the 107th Canton Fair Phase I concluded, Jiaxing trade delegation impressive,booster cables Jiaxing 144 booths related to consumer electronics, electrical and electronic products, hardware, household appliances, lighting products, 81 companies appear. According to statistics, battery clip 5 days, Jiaxing transactions of the branch's clients received more than 8,000 people total, and reached 879.066 billion U.S. dollars contract traded intention than last year growth of 7.28%.


Driven by huge profits the oil hot trench

    The media reports on waste oil has been known to the public, "waste oil" in the main hazard of aflatoxin is a strong carcinogen, its toxic than arsenic poisoning 100 times. Indeed,booster cables refining, sale of "waste oil" of profiteering impulses, is one of the reasons for repeated. For food waste processing side, the profits of close to 2,000 yuan per ton,battery clip nearly 200 percent profit margin.


QI tools CCMT demonstrate the strength of independent innovation

    As the major machine tool manufacturers, China General Technology Group Qiqihar 2 Machine Tool (Group) Co., Ltd., booster cables carrying three high-speed CNC Machine Tool Industry Dai Biao  the latest development of the level part of the sixth China CNC Machine Tool Show, battery clip and from the sea Exhibits inside and outside the sophisticated CNC machine tools comparable to the same table, the full display of the strong independent innovation capability.


Marketing Image Reconstruction

    (1) marketing innovation, the driving force.

    In the era of knowledge economy and information economy, the brand's increasingly complex marketing environment.booster cables Accelerated technological progress, intensified market competition, products and services dramatically reduce the life cycle.battery clip All of these are required to accelerate the pace of innovation brand marketing, core competencies and improve the comprehensive ability to adapt to environmental changes.


Fujian Shishi: clothing lost Russian product certification have changed

    Office of Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Fujian Shishi has learned,booster cables  according to Russian official announcement, from July 1, 2010,battery clip  the electrical and electronic contact with food products will no longer need to apply for health certification and replace it with the Russian government's registration certificate,tow rope  July 1 has been issued by a health certificate can be used January 1, 2012.


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