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Alcan Cable to participate in 2011 Shanghai International Electricity Exhibition

   September 21, 2011, 2011 Shanghai International Electricity Exhibition (EPShanghai2011) at the Shanghai World Expo exhibition had begun. From North America, Alcan Cable (AlcanCable) to bring the world the full range of products de ? alloy dressed to participate in the exhibition, demonstrating its advanced aluminum alloy cable manufacturing technology and strong corporate culture.


Guangdong proposed offshore wind power giant enough electricity to support residents of Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Dongguan

   Southwest of a drought, but inadvertently anxious Guangdong. Guangdong, Yunnan, Guizhou and other places lose seeing the power was abruptly pulled out of the "10 million" class gap, Guangdong's energy diversification of the road can be said to be "imminent."


Ministry of Environmental Protection Detailed thermal power plant air pollutant emission standards and industry governance

   Coordinate the establishment of emission standards to promote environmentally friendly process of thermal power

- Detailed Environmental Protection Wu Xiaoqing, vice minister of the thermal power industry emissions standards and pollution control


Smart phone market frequent sing high malaises gradually emerged

As smart phones gradually recognized status, its sales surpass functional mobile phone is also believed to be the morning and evening. But the reporter in the interview also found that, at present the development of smart phone problems began to appear, many experts don't agree with smart phones this "great leap forward" approach.


Inverter using silicon carbide as a potential energy

  From the Editor: In the modern factory machinery and equipment, the electrical energy consumed by transmission accounted for 60% to 70%, energy-saving drive system for mechanical equipment to reduce more energy consumption. In fact, of which energy-saving potential is huge.


Industrial process in 2015 will exceed 30 billion analytical instrument market

   Raise the level of industrial technology as an important tool in recent years, China's industrial process analytical instruments market has maintained rapid growth. According to China Instrument Association in 2009, the coal quality analytical instruments including analytical instruments, coal analyzer coal quality analysis equipment, coal analysis instruments industrial process analytical instruments, laboratory analytical instruments, environmental monitoring, special instrumentation of the total industrial output value, industrial sales output value maintained a steady growth. 2010 China's industrial process analytical instruments market in 2006 to 19.2 billion to 3.53 billion yuan.


"You need to be driven with ease."

- Invt Goodrive300 drive new conference was held
  August 26, INVT Goodrive300 drive in the new conference held at Intercontinental Hotel Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town, including Germany's Infineon, TüV SüD well-known enterprises, including foreign institutions and automation network China, China Industrial Network, HC , China Textile Network, "MM modern manufacturing," etc., more than 20 areas of automation and application of the authority of the media industry and the country from more than 300 machine tools, textile, rubber, appliances, building materials machinery, metal processing and other fields Professional users gathered in Shenzhen, witnessed Invt Goodrive300 grand global launch drive.

Prices of two hundred yuan or so each battery electric vehicle price increase

    "Before another battery as long as four or five hundred, now risen to six or seven hundred of it how?" Recently, pony Keqiao State Road 104 near the intersection an electric car store, people were surprised to Ms Chan said. Reporters recently visited the market in Keqiao learned that the recent general rise in prices of electric vehicle batteries, electric car prices rise, sales decreased.


Unnamed Article

To understand, from jiamusi technology bureau in major scientific research project the silica based polymer fireproof cables insulating materials and silica fireproof cables ",tow rope through a appraisal of achievement, project silicon base material refractory level is the leading domestic level.


The aircraft heavy machine termination or additional wind power equipment manufacturers will continue to spend the winter

  The aircraft heavy machine (600 765) 24 Notice to terminate a major reorganization of assets, because the main subject of business to be acquired in flight performance decline Teng-hui, continued profitability uncertain future. This once again confirms the wind power equipment industry continues to slump in the status quo.


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