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Industrial Machinery Electrical System breakthrough in international standardization

    Undertaken by the National Standardization Management Committee, the National Industrial Machinery Electrical Systems Standardization Technical Committee (SAC/TC231) and the Beijing Institute of Machine Tool co IEC/TC44 2009 annual meeting in September 21, 2009 -23 held in Beijing.

Entrepreneurs, stress management and health management

    April 21 is the "Entrepreneur Day", it was in 1994, "To enhance the social status of entrepreneurs, the courage to reform and enhance their sense of honor,booster cables sense of mission and to take the lead of the pioneering spirit, bring a great advance the development of socialist market economy,battery clip entrepreneurs "and set an activity day.


Home inspection company quietly sells hardcover housing business for more than Bacheng

    Recently, this reporter received a call Qiu, Qiu lived Huilongguan an affordable housing community, he told reporters recently renovated a new house soon catch up with the rain, booster cables was found inside the walls of the seepage phenomenon occurs, the property Diagnosis It is waterproof building wall did not do, although the property has been re-made on the outer surface of the wall relief,battery clip but left the house walls are mottled mark.


Expert: Hybrid Vehicle Battery is the biggest challenge

    Vehicle emission reduction has become the driving force behind the development of automotive electronics, with the increasing oil supply shortage and growing environmental pollution, electric cars such as electricity-powered vehicles,booster cables with its energy saving and environmental protection advantages of becoming a concern to the industry focus.

Automotive design and architecture of the nervous system of small diameter

    With the "complex" to describe today's car is nothing more appropriate word. booster cables Safety, handling, driver and entertainment is only dependent on electrical / electronic architecture part of the subsystem.


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