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"Three Innovations" synergy of both solid progress of modern management

    Editor's note: 30 years of reform and opening up, China's machinery industry has changed dramatically, and achieved a historic success.
    With the rapid development of industrial economy and the rapid development of modern science and technology,booster cables general machinery enterprises conscientiously implement the Party and the country on the reform and development policies, adhere to "we, the tradition, absorbing, integration process, dreams of" policy ,battery clip combined with practical management experience from abroad, continue to deepen reform and mechanisms, strengthening management, hard skills, promote the product technology, manufacturing technology, information technology, management, the gradual integration of technology, tow rope so that industry-wide business management has undergone a qualitative change to achieve leapfrog development. Since the 90s of last century, there have been 2079 enterprises to enter the ranks of management infrastructure and standardize compliance, 247 companies as a management improvement business model, 69 companies were identified as modern management enterprise.


The application of laser technology and innovation and industry

   The world's first laser was born in 1960, China in 1961 developed the first laser, 40 years, the rapid development of laser technology and applications have been combined with a number of disciplines to form multiple application technology.

The cause of ship fire fighting strategy types and

    Chongming Island is located in Yangtze River estuary, due to geographical location, making the Chongming thriving marine transportation, but with a variety of large vessels into the field of marine transport,booster cables ship safety, the probability of occurrence of fire accidents is increasing. Here we focus on the ship and extinguishing fires.


Small control device for distributed automation solutions

    ILC 150 ETH embedded control device is a small control system to provide information technology equipment and general communications program.
    The control unit supports Phoenix's online input / output program,booster cables is a compact programmable system can be used for storage (SPS) of the Ethernet control device. In addition,battery clip the control device is equipped with a high-performance PC Worx automation software.


Analysis: Development of programmable automation controller

    The rapid development of automation technology. Are in a era of rapid change.
    From semiconductors to consumer electronics, to automotive and aviation manufacturing and light industry and logistics industry, booster cables such as a variety of industries are facing increasingly intense global competitive pressures, they need to further reduce costs, shorten production cycle, battery clip and can speedy completion of the upgrading of products. The use of the latest automation technology to solve this series is an effective means of problem.


Equipment industry, the backbone of the industrial backbone of society

    2008 earthquake touched the hearts of the hearts of all Chinese people, 1.3 billion people with love to encourage and support the people of disaster areas. As the backbone of China's equipment manufacturing industry, in this "very" did not hesitate in picking up during a "very" Mission: contributions,booster cables donations, sent, with their enthusiasm and really touched by the support of the people of disaster areas.

IBM data center energy efficiency challenge to start the green innovation projects

    IBM announced the launch of the company to spend $ 1,000,000,000 a year business plans to significantly enhance the company's IT energy efficiency.
    The "Green Innovation"booster cables program include: Through the introduction of new products and services to help IBM and its clients to sharply reduce data center energy consumption, battery clip transforming the world of business and public technology infrastructure and make it " green "data centers.


Laser drilling technology and laser micropore brief

    Laser drilling is mainly used in aerospace, automobile manufacturing, electronic instruments, chemical and other industries.booster cables The rapid development of laser drilling, mainly in drilling YAG laser with average output power increased from 5 years ago to the 800w to 400w 1000w.

Power Quality Case Study: the failure of medical devices

    Measurement tools: Fluke 43B Power Quality Analyzer.
    Fluke 87 True RMS digital multimeter,booster cables Fluke 27 digital multimeter.

China, U.S. release of the thin-walled rectangular steel dual duty order

    Chinese Ministry of Commerce announced that the U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC) in the "Federal Register" on the release of Chinese thin-walled rectangular steel exports to the U.S. anti-dumping and countervailing duty orders, booster cables which follows the standard steel case, the United States and the second time for me products, battery clip countervailing duties, the rate is 2.17% -200.58%.


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