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Sanmen Bay Electric: new round of development to create the first brand of terminal

    Trademark and brand is a reflection of the competitiveness of a business, trademarks, brand is a city, a region of the "gold card."

    Since the "Jiangsu Provincial Intellectual Property" Eleventh Five-Year "development plan" was unveiled, and brand building has become the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee, booster cables the Government's important work. Focused in Jiangsu Province during the trademarks of planning ideas and economic development, social development plan, focusing on the implementation of the trade mark and select a group of planning good momentum of development, battery clip has a certain influence on the business as a brand.


Christmas mass become hostile to U.S. Wind Power Equipment Industry

    Wind power industry development in China is currently still in infant stage of industrial development, according to WTO provisions, in certain developing countries can be protected, but recently the United States to the World Trade Organization (WTO) against China for wind power equipment manufacturers of illegal subsidies no reason to upgrade Sino-US trade friction.

Analysis of the second half of 2010, the price trend in China Valve

    Overall, China's valve market in the second half of 2010 operating environment in which opportunities and challenges, the price is bullish and bearish factors coexist, and continues to heat up direction.

    First, the internal and external demand continues strong.


NEC and Neusoft Group work together to launch cloud computing service

    Today, NEC Corporation (hereinafter referred to as the NEC) and its subsidiary NEC (China) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as NEC (China)) with the Neusoft Group Co., Ltd. (600718.SH, hereinafter referred to as Neusoft Group) and its subsidiary Neusoft Information Technology Services Limited (hereinafter referred to as Neusoft Institute of Information Technology) common in the Chinese market cloud services business has signed a cooperation agreement.

Energy-saving and new energy vehicles will soon introduce a development plan

    Experts believe that purely electric cars will become an important direction of development, will become a mainstream power lithium batteries.

    New energy vehicles is coming, and coming to us is accelerating. Reporter learned from relevant state ministries, booster cables energy saving and new energy automotive industry development planning and package of support policies - the "energy saving and new energy vehicle development plan (2011-2020)" (hereinafter referred to as "planning") has been completed, is to all relevant ministries for comments, will be finalized this month and submitted to State Council for consideration, such as consideration of adoption, the fastest implementation is expected during the year.


How to accelerate the mechanical and electrical hardware and equipment manufacturing industry, docking

    Hardware is used in the production and life of metal products, gold, silver, copper, iron, aluminum, tin and other products called hardware products. Metal products sub-company: building hardware, daily hardware, decorative hardware, hardware tools, fire equipment, groceries and so on.

Car maintenance trap errors before more comprehensive raise awareness of prevention

    Motor vehicle ownership in the city currently is 150 million, which is still brand new car on a day rate surged more than 200. booster cables Enjoy the car for the step to bring convenient, many people are upset about the car for repairs.

Gansu Bureau of Quality Supervision: electric blanket into a passing rate of only two

    Recently, the Quality Supervision Bureau of Gansu Province, the province announced Q3 production and circulation distribution of power tools, low-voltage electrical appliances, motors, electric blanket, general medical equipment,booster cables track 12 categories of product quality supervision and inspection on a regular basis.

Home inspection company quietly sells hardcover housing business for more than Bacheng

    Recently, this reporter received a call Qiu, Qiu lived Huilongguan an affordable housing community, he told reporters.
    Just renovated new home soon to catch up with the rain, was found inside the walls of the seepage phenomenon occurs,booster cables the property diagnosis, is not done building wall waterproofing, although the property has been re-made on the outer surface of the wall relief, but The walls inside the house but left the imprint of mottled.


94.6% pass rate electric tools hardware tools of good quality in Lanzhou

    Q3 Quality Supervision Bureau of Gansu Province, Lanzhou City, on regular track power tools product quality supervision and inspection of the product showed a pass rate of 94.6% sample tests, compared to last year dropped by 4.6 percentage points.


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