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Dongfang Electric thermal power promising nuclear power go hand in hand

    Investment Tip: We maintain our rating recommendation Dongfang Electric, raised its target price to 40.1 million,battery clip corresponding to 18 times 2012 earnings. Our 2010 to 2011 the company increased net profit of 21-27% for the first time gives the 2012 forecast. Updated three-year earnings per share were 1.38,1.73 and 2.23 yuan, higher than the market consensus forecast of 18% to 29%.


Only to get rid of the shadow of the HP board scandal big shake early

    According to foreign media reports, the HP board shake-week, five new members will join the board, while four existing directors resign, board members will increase to 13.

    HP management scandals in recent years, the former CEO Carly Fiorina (Carly Fiorina) 2006 years of "listening scandal"booster cables to the CEO Mark Hurd took office (Mark Hurd) sex scandal. Board of the newly formed company hopes to help the incumbent CEO Li Aike (Leo Apotheker) out of HP in the past the decline, once again the world focus.


Government safety advocates socket electrical safety escort Spring Philips

    Chinese New Year approaching, electrical safety has once again become the focus of the government and the community's concern and discussion topics. It is understood that Ministry of Public security has been issued on the Chinese New Year of "Fire standardized" second five "development plan"booster cables and other important documents, including important national leaders are also made important instructions.

U.S. development of new contact lens wearers can be monitored blood glucose levels

    According to the British "New Scientist" recently reported that U.S. scientists will be eye-friendly transparent material combined with microelectronics, have developed a new contact lenses, booster cables the glasses can be worn with diabetes who monitor blood glucose levels.

Guangdong billion to support LED, the new energy automotive industry

    Eight main targets: a large-scale industrial added value increased by 12%; total retail sales of consumer goods increased by 16%, industrial domestic sales growth of 18%; software revenue growth of 20% Internet penetration rate reached 60%; unit GDP energy consumption fell 3.53%.

Shanghai Cable Association: to promote energy-saving technological transformation

    Recently, Shanghai Electric Wire & Cable Industry Association organized the "extruder to promote energy-saving on-site exchange will" to promote the use of the latest energy saving technology, and gradually transform the units in the cross-linking experiments to further promote energy saving wire and cable industry.


Insulation epoxy coating Analysis and Research

    Li Zhiqiang, Zeng Fanhua.

    (CASIC Meiling Chemical Plant, Guizhou Zunyi 563003)

    Abstract: The insulation of epoxy enamel analysis and testing, and evaluation of the volume resistivity to explain the insulating properties of epoxy coatings,booster cables compared with the test of common epoxy coatings epoxy coatings and insulation in the insulation performance differences exist . Common epoxy coating insulation sometimes is not fully satisfied, and under certain conditions will have a "live",battery clip the use should be based on insulation requirements and environments to choose.


Kunming Pharmaceutical Factory explosion detonated by electrical sparks ethanol

    At 9:51 on December 30, 2009, Kunming Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. The new bio-explosion and fire incidents, resulting in 5 deaths and 8 burns. 18, the accident investigation team sent by communications trouble, and the main reason.


Changsha Hotel fire inspection is not qualified for a business without checked

   Days Hotel & Suites in Little Swan, 17th floor, in accordance with the requirements of the fire, where the exit stairs to evacuate should be available for guests has been down to a floor upstairs, and here's evacuation routes can not reach a floor.booster cables Also this hotel V88 box area of more than 60 square meters, without the required two or more exit.

Fujian Motor Electric Industrial output value of hundreds of billions of cluster

    Six industries in Fujian Province in the mechanical industry, electrical appliances industry, the highest output. As for the development adhere to the theme of innovation, Fujian Motor Electric Industrial leaps and bounds.


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