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Wenzhou is the first domino fell it?

       Wang Tao

    Over the past two weeks, the world's various financial news media are reporting trouble Wenzhou private lending news. All investors are asking the case of private lending and China China's concerns about the entire financial system. News reports and commentators talk alone, it seems that China is caught in a European sovereign debt and comparable U.S. subprime mortgage crisis, the huge debt crisis. Wenzhou problem in the end be? tow rope Chinese folk indebtedness in the end how serious?


Product stability and reliability as new challenges Instrument Industry

   In recent years, with the industrial automation and instrumentation industry, China's industrial production level has been greatly improved. The development of automation not only saves labor costs for businesses, but also improve economic efficiency, and in the public environment and urbanization also to the indispensable role. At the same time, "industrial disaster" such a problem also with the popularity of automation into the public view. For example the top ten industrial disaster the world-famous: "India Bhopal gas leak incident", "Exxon Valdez oil spill,ratchet tie dowm " "Chernobyl exploded," and so on. In China, the recent Shanghai subway accident, high-speed rail accident, ConocoPhillips oil spill gave us the wake-up call.


Focus Wenzhou: "rescue" policy can save the Electric Capital

  Wenzhou is a coastal city landscape Jianghai blend is full of vigor and vitality of the city, it is a well-developed private economy, rich cultural heritage of the city. In recent years, the city of Wenzhou have been walking in the forefront of efforts, is a passionate energy, in particular, can start the city. Family of industrial and professional market approach developed in the "Wenzhou model", has gradually formed small commodity, tow rope large market structure, reform and opening up, the private economy in Wenzhou has created a large number of the nation.


Wenzhou money War: 60 billion government loan-guarantee stable demand

   This year, SMEs in Wenzhou, private loans debt crisis triggered by the intensified and Wenzhou, the local government has already taken positive steps to support SME credit. ratchet tie dowm Wenzhou City Finance Office, according to relevant sources, the end of September, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, the government submitted to "require the applicant on the loan and then asked the Financial Stability", by the provincial government to come forward and apply for financial stability to the People's Bank of refinancing $ 60 billion. period of one year, specifically to support the banking institutions in Wenzhou financing to increase the size of enterprises in difficulty, to prevent systemic risks and safeguarding the local financial stability. Yesterday, Bank of Ningbo,booster cables said an additional 1 billion yuan of special funds, the more the economy with wind and rain and Ou, and closely aligned with the industry in Wenzhou.


Beijing to tighten credit small business struggling Wenzhou

  Wenzhou is China's economic situation shows the vane, the city's small manufacturers run into trouble, the Chinese economy is an important part of the cast a cloud, ratchet tie dowm and further shaken investor confidence, highlighted the Chinese government in promoting growth and when to strike a balance between inflation risk.


Zhejiang how the transformation of traditional industries favored by warm PV industry business

   Recently, the State Development and Reform Commission defined the benchmark price of PV. Analysts believe that this marks the real start of the domestic PV market, good development of photovoltaic industry. For the emerging photovoltaic industry in Wenzhou, Zhejiang, is to enter the domestic market, a very good opportunity, many companies stepped up, "embattled" domestic market. According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 30 PV companies in Wenzhou, covering almost the main part of the industrial chain, including vertical integration, silicon, EVA film, ratchet tie dowm solar cells, components, etc., the PV industry cluster shape.


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