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UPS power industry go "green, low carbon" development way

  Along with the development of science and technology economy, energy and environment problem increasingly, also requires the UPS industry to "green, low carbon" development, tow rope however the real green "low carbon" UPS power supply, performance for harmonic current small to electricity from the grid harmonic pollution small, UPS operation of the high efficiency, reduce the consumption.


China's wind power enterprise fan underwater opportunity

So far, there has not been a German sea wind power projects are interested in the Chinese enterprise financing said. Nelson also said he doubted that China enterprise whether material into the European market sea wind, ratchet tie dowm the latter than land wind power market access barriers and high, the risk and cost much more. "Unless China fan equipment manufacturers takeover market existing participants, for example, is selling the BARD company, or more of the manufacturers."


Lithium batteries will usher in a new development opportunities

   Battery is the core technology research and development of new energy vehicles in the core. At a recent forum organized by related industries, many battery manufacturers, said the future to make a transition battery, you may see the upcoming "energy-saving and new energy vehicle development plan." The next 10 years, China will invest 100 billion yuan to support the development of new energy automotive industry. First choice as a core component battery,booster cables lithium battery will usher in a new development opportunities, and related lithium stocks or growth spurt will.


Stop production of new wave energy industry increased polysilicon

    China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association latest statistics branch of the silicon industry, the domestic polysilicon spot prices continued to fall to the bottom of the 20-23 yuan / ton, more than 40 domestic polysilicon business more than 80% has fallen into halted state, including Tianwei change (600 550),ratchet tie dowm Leshan Electric Power (600644), Sichuan investment energy (600 674) and other listed companies.


The national development and reform commission: increase the price difference between punishment electricity prices to carry out strength

December 16,, the national development and reform commission director zhang ping in the national development and reform at work the topic "unified thought, clear mission, solid in 2012 to development and reform work" report. The meeting noted that, to increase the price difference, punitive electricity prices to carry out strength, tow rope inhibit excessive growth hing energy-consuming profession.


The solar energy company alliance called China enterprise double the investigation to withdraw proposal

By the us house of solar energy company "low-cost solar alliance" (CASE) 20, solar world company letter (SolarWorld), urged the government to take asked the U.S. China lost the solar panels impose punitive tariffs on the proposal. ratchet tie dowm Earlier, the ministry of commerce of China formally filed lose beautiful solar cells (board) for anti-dumping and countervailing investigation, this is China clean energy products in foreign trade relief from the first case investigation.


Market and productivity pressure pv industry where to go?

Recently, zhejiang Effie live the energy technology Co., LTD. With secretary of wenzhou city go on Beijing consulted the national energy board new and renewable energy department chief of ShiLiShan, listen to them to wenzhou photovoltaic enterprise views and comments.


Breaking barriers to China's battery is imminent


Electric cars face run short, charging time long mileage "short" problem, China electronic chamber of commerce power professional committee deputy secretary general, lithium ion battery experts QianLiang countries the negativity has pointed out that China has had in a short time, such as lithium ion battery breakthrough new group application technology, and battery energy storage power supply system integration key technical bottleneck technology base, ratchet tie dowm "but these techniques are scattered in colleges and universities to, scientific research institutions and small and medium-sized enterprise hands between enterprises, formed an insurmountable barriers." How to break through the current "separate from each other, and repeat the dispersed of" pattern, has become the electric car power battery field urgent need to address the major issue.


Quantum dot solar cell external quantum efficiency of 100% over the first

     According to the American physicist Organization, Dec. 16 (Beijing time) reported that the U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) developed a tow rope new type of quantum dot solar cell, when it was high-energy region of the solar spectrum emitted photon activation , will produce the highest external quantum efficiency of up battery clip to 114% of the light-sensitive current. booster cables Published in the December 16 issue of "Science" magazine on the latest research for the scientists developed the third generation solar cell basis.


The world's three major PV market in 2012 was planted a time bomb

   2011 coming to an end, although this year's PV market is not as stunning as last year's growth, but by virtue of the end of last year, the warmth and installed grab a small orgasm, 2011, various research institutions in the world PV market installed capacity of 21GW to 24GW , the previous year increased by about 30% clearance be thrilling. According to iSuppli's analysis of the data, Italy beat Germany's largest PV market this year. The top three global ratchet tie dowm PV market installed capacity in Italy, Germany,booster cables the United States, their installed capacity, respectively 6.9GW, 5.9GW, 2.7GW, the sum of three to 15.5GW!


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