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Shanghai design and manufacture of a good environment when the new dry-type spray booth

    March 29, 2011, the Shanghai News - Recently, Shanghai good success when the machinery Graco GRACO a Shanghai company design and manufacture of dry-type spray booth environment.
    This environment-friendly paint dry room for a gas type, the top air flow system, both through the plenum, all flow into the interface with wind speed, air supply air supply taken from a part of the outdoors, a part taken from interior, respectively, by multi-leaf valve control; as regular cleaning of user-friendly paint mist filtration system, automatic alarm device for this device, the signal exceeds a set value, the alarm automatically to remind users to regularly clean up; another painting the whole room with explosion-proof electrical equipment,ratchet tie dowm electrical to ensure safe and reliable operation of equipment. This painting has the structure of simple laboratory equipment, decontamination rate of 99%, low operation cost.


Jingdezhen: to increase private enterprise and opening up of ceramic

    Jingdezhen City Ceramic High-tech Zone's development is inseparable, inseparable from the thousands of ceramic culture. 30 years of reform and opening up, especially after the state-owned enterprise reform ceramics, ceramics enterprises and workshops spread, more concentrated there Fanjia well, the old factory, Shaoji dock and other places, there is the original plant to start hiring, there are villages in the urban fringe in the lease plant plot development.


5.0 billion to be built in Zhuhai smart grid investment and manufacturing base

   High-tech Zone, Zhuhai, 24, said head, Zhuhai City, in whose 5.0 billion investment in high-tech zones, construction area of ??1,000 acres of Zhuhai smart grid (low-carbon equipment) Industrial Park, with 5 years to cover the lose change into electricity distribution, electricity, dispatching automation, telecommunications and other sectors of the industry chain of smart grid products manufacturing base.


Handan Iron and Steel has new gas-steam combined cycle power generation project

    March 16 formally announced China International Tendering CERI Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. for the successful units, marking the CERI and the U.S. General Electric Company (GE) companies winning the tender Handan Steel officially the Commonwealth of 150MW gas-steam combined cycle (CCPP) turbine project.


Builders opened fire extinguishing drill class experience of migrant workers

    March 25, Shapingba District of University City fire brigade officers and men went to construction sites, for the days of building area of ??more than 600 branches in Chongqing migrant workers a vivid and practical fire safety courses to further improve our site migrant workers safety awareness to help them acquire the knowledge and self-rescue escape fire prevention methods, and good results.


Delphi Electronics Show in Shanghai, innovative technology

    Recently, in 2011 Munich Shanghai Electronics Show, Delphi Corp. showcased its range of key used in electric vehicle electrical / electronic architecture, data connectivity and active safety technologies and products, including electric vehicles, electrical and electronic systems, portable charger system, battery pack, high pressure / shielded harness and wire, battery monitoring devices, high voltage electrical center connector system, and the use of Delphi's advanced anti-collision technology, radar and cameras.


Exterior wall decoration market in 2011 over 50% of the water-based paint

    With the deterioration of the environment, social life and habits of the guide, people continue to pursue "green, green, low-carbon" way of life. These people are called "LOHAS", "LOHAS" the first letter of the English word form "LOHAS" this new vocabulary, literal translation is "healthy sustainable lifestyle."


"LED lighting system to make it easier" to visit the forces involved in health LED power supply module

   LED lighting, setting examples in the growing market is expected to expand. New LED lighting business involved in many enterprises, expanding the scope of companies involved with the hope of easy to design LED lighting demand is growing.


Depth Perspective: The Development of China's LED industry, the advantages and disadvantages

   And multinational corporations, the Chinese LED companies in many areas there is a big gap. How to improve China's LED core competitiveness of enterprises, and actively participate in the competition of globalization, we urgently need to consider.


Luodian fire wood processing plants are fire hazards Check 15

   From the March 15 date, the fire brigade Luodian County in Guizhou Province of the township of wood processing plants to carry out in-depth fire safety special inspection of wood processing plants 21 checked and found that the potential of fire 15, the spot rectification 14, issued a " shall order a correction notice, "1,booster cables a fine of 2,000 yuan.


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