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Ship with industry, the introduction should implement the "differential treatment"

    In 2010, China's three major indexes have full over Korea Shipbuilding, a truly world's largest shipbuilding country. But it is undeniable that China's overall technological level of marine equipment with international advanced level there are still a big gap.


Sanmen Bay Electric: to create a national brand mission terminal

    Sanmen Bay, as the earliest electrical connection to rail spring (technology) is widely used in terminal block (connector) of the major brands, has become more well-known synonym for electrical connection technology.

    After ten years of development, the company has advanced production technology, scientific management system and quick delivery process. Company not only passed the CE safety and quality certification system, and the use of the whole process of quality management systems to ensure that users get the highest quality products and satisfactory service. Products have been widely used in various industries: such as electricity,ratchet tie dowm petroleum, railway, shipbuilding, elevator, chemical, and so on ....


Residential installation of automatic fire alarm system is imperative

     September 13, 2010 Ministry of Public Security informed the fire situation in China in 2010, according to statistics, from January to August, China's fire occurred 8.9 million nationwide, the death of 729 people, a fire killed 45 people or more 3 since last year up 25%.


Good at both stations Linquan tear seal the 10th person in charge of Detention

    March 31, Fuyang City, Anhui Linquan County Fire Department jurisdiction according to law, the head of the two stations respectively custody for 10 days administrative penalties.

    The reason the event from March 29 but also talk about the day, the county fire inspection and law enforcement officers in the area of ??the Central Plains Huang Zhen blue gas station gas stations and enforcement inspection found that the two space stations and residential building fire serious shortage of gas stations in the insufficient number of fire-fighting equipment configuration, not set fire pits, fire blankets and other fire-fighting facilities,ratchet tie dowm places do not have the fire fighting capabilities, and there is random access private electric lines, etc. pull a series of serious fire safety hazard. Found that the situation under examination, March 30, the county fire department shall implement a temporary station on the two seizure, and ordered the seizure of two people responsible within the time limit in the existing fire hazard on a thorough rectification.


Support India's power grid construction ABB HVDC

    Zurich, Switzerland, April 2, 2011 - the world's leading power and automation technology group ABB has announced that the State Grid Corporation of India for the construction of high voltage DC transmission (UHVDC) line to provide transmission system, the total contract value of approximately $ 900,000,000 .


Domestic challenges the concept of mobile phone technology is not difficult to model difficult to iPhone


    Tian Fei, 31 years old, Master of Design. Focus on digital products, brands and integrated media experience design.

    Linephone concept phone designs, including GE Edison Award for Asia Pacific Awards 07 images and process design, NOKIA celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the Chinese Academy of site design and image, "Hello beautiful" booster cables brand image design, and many other projects to upgrade.


Beijing spring of your first pressure, such as oil sand dust suppression benefit

   Beijing 1 April 2011, at noon usher in Year of the Rabbit in the first spring rain, the drought this spring in Beijing to be said for the hungry to play the role of the earth. However, many people have rumored, rain is flying over the sea of ??Japan Radiation Radiation rain. But actually not.


Japanese high-tech growth in part by lower automotive electronics industry

    The economic impact caused by the earthquake in Japan, has spread to China's automobile, electronics and other industries closely associated with Japan. In the automotive sector, the impact of the earthquake has been the first Japanese import single vehicle to the entire automotive field.


Interrelated water mist fire extinguishing system to understand the mechanism of

    A brief introduction of water mist: "mist" (watermist) is relative to the "Water Spray" (waterspray) concept, the so-called water mist, is the use of a special nozzle, the water produced by high pressure water jet particles.


Electrical fire extinguishing system on the cost of several


    Electricity, give us a comfortable life electrification, but if used improperly, "electric tiger" will bite, in addition to electric shock accidents occur, the reasons such as electrical appliances caused by improper use of electrical fires are very common. In recent years, the national upward trend in the number of fire accidents. From the eighties of last century, various types of electrical fire the fire will become a "hero." For information, to 1999, electrical fire occurred 10 years ago than doubled, up to 1 million times, accounting for various types of fire more than 30%. By 2002, accounted for 35% of various types of fire above; more prominent in recent years. Cause of the fire in the rural areas, the second electrical line;ratchet tie dowm the cause of the fire in the city, the electrical were ranked in the first place. Incidence of major multiple electrical fire in the generator room, transformer substation, power distribution room, computer room, program-controlled switchboard room and other places, the fire fighting more difficult and brings new issues, rational use of automatic fire extinguishing system, fire protection of these places, Fire company's products are both competitive, but also our fire management audit checks of major responsibility.


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