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Actually Wei Jin: Digital electrical fire control system could talk

    August 28, 2010, West District, Shenyang City fire Wanda Commercial Plaza, the sales offices, killing nine people were killed and 9 injured. According to local media reports, the results of preliminary police investigation showed that the sales office on the first floor the fire was electrical fault caused the sand table.


IEEE and gas unions were pushing electric vehicles and smart grid standards

    IEEE Standards Association (IEEEStandardsAssociation) and the International Society of Automotive Engineers (SAEInternational) has signed a MOU with the smart grid technology in the field of automotive strategic partnerships, standards and specifications together to create a more efficient, collaborative environment to better service in the industry.


Zhang Zhe case: Why Xining into the fire, "the same river"

      Zhe Zhang Henan case of civil servants.

    9 at 3 pm, Xining, Qinghai Building, a major textile fire, fire area of ??more than 3,000 square meters, continued to burn more than 2 hours later, building a women workers killed, 15 trapped were rescued.


Dongguan help community fire safety firewall mode

   Since last December, according to the deployment of the provincial government, Dongguan City to Wancheng, East, South City,ratchet tie dowm Wan Jiang, four city streets as the center, carried out a thorough fire safety community to promote and build a "firewall" pilot project work.


Xiamen Fire: innovative products, construction and fire safety control

   Supervision of construction and fire protection products are fire inspection the "key", but because of regulatory responsibility of the relevant functional departments of supervision and law enforcement system does not result in system that is not clear, it is inevitable drain pipe out of control,ratchet tie dowm Xiamen collaboration through the establishment of the regulatory mechanism, the fire community Management achieved significant results.


Promising investment market is still embedded micro-development period

    With the maturation of micro-projector technology, embedded micro-projector has become a new trend in recent years. Recently, according to In-Stat noted that the micro-projector market is expected in 2014 is expected to reach 2.3 billion units sold, of which there will be more than 90% of the micro-projectors embedded into the smart phone.


Good News Snapshots: integration into the community, close to the demand

    Innovation has always been that science should be the first based on social and human needs good information Phenom Electric Co., Ltd. Beijing recently because the market will soon be listed by the widespread concern in society.


Denise Denton harvest water heater warranty 6 "scrap of paper"

    Liu, who lives east of the river area Fumin aunt, 5 years ago bought a Denise Denton water heater. Just last night, went for her turn to go home and found a leaking water heater, whole house water over the floor. Originally thought that the commitment by the warranty, you can repair water heaters. Who become like, the original commitment to really become a dead letter.


Long Way to bottom search of new energy in the trained "hard work"

    Shadow of Chernobyl has not dissipated completely, nuclear accident in Japan gave the world a hit. Countries in the painful and reflection, have announced that their will be more careful treatment of nuclear power development.


Energine will focus on the direct drive 2MW wind turbine production

   May 3 news, China Energine 2MW and 1.5MW direct drive wind turbine prototype installation will be completed in Q4, and the grid. China Energine the company expected this year to focus on the direct drive 2MW wind turbine production and marketing will have a substantial increase.


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