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Prices of two hundred yuan or so each battery electric vehicle price increase

    "Before another battery as long as four or five hundred, now risen to six or seven hundred of it how?" Recently, pony Keqiao State Road 104 near the intersection an electric car store, people were surprised to Ms Chan said. Reporters recently visited the market in Keqiao learned that the recent general rise in prices of electric vehicle batteries, electric car prices rise, sales decreased.


China's urgent need to break clean energy industry development financing bottleneck

    Clean energy industry is becoming China's new economic growth point, but because of the development time is short and the "high input, high-risk" characteristics, the development of clean energy in the process still faces many constraints. One of the most prominent is the limited availability of financing, there is a huge gap in the supply of funds. Experts say that China's current multi-level financial market system and the energy service system has not been formed, many clean energy companies in the capital market financing is almost empty, and therefore the effective use of project financing, development financing for clean energy sources, increase the banks clean credit support to the energy industry, ratchet tie dowm and continuously meet the clean energy industry development funding needs, to ensure sustainable development of industry.


Unnamed Article

To understand, from jiamusi technology bureau in major scientific research project the silica based polymer fireproof cables insulating materials and silica fireproof cables ",tow rope through a appraisal of achievement, project silicon base material refractory level is the leading domestic level.


Single-phase transformer urban lighting electricity saving new system

Low voltage distribution system in China is widely used in three-phase system. In the low voltage distribution network, is now widely used "small capacity, densely point, short radius of the power supply, the way" power supply mode could decrease the low voltage distribution network line loss. The use of single-phase ratchet tie dowm transformer is the important way to implement this power supply, but also measures and single-phase transformer substation, power distribution and single-phase techniques have been listed as our country key recommend electricity saving technology.


The aircraft heavy machine termination or additional wind power equipment manufacturers will continue to spend the winter

  The aircraft heavy machine (600 765) 24 Notice to terminate a major reorganization of assets, because the main subject of business to be acquired in flight performance decline Teng-hui, continued profitability uncertain future. This once again confirms the wind power equipment industry continues to slump in the status quo.


Power companies wholly owned development Pumped Storage Power Station Construction

   National Energy Board issued a better job on the construction of pumped-storage power station informed that the Economic Development and adjustment of energy structure of power system operation safety and reliability requirements are high, moderate speed up the pace of construction of pumped storage power station is necessary .


Take mechanical instrumentation industry service outsourcing industry

     The development of modern manufacturing services, has been included in the "equipment manufacturing restructuring and revitalization plan," one of the seven key areas. While some domestic enterprises have limited on-site to help users solve the problem of the stage, many companies have already reached advanced users able to provide a full range of integrated services level.


American citizens expect the use of domestic wind power technology and manufacturing breakthroughs

   Home wind power feasible? Cost accept that? Power effects? More heat than the home solar power, wind power seems to be the home to be forgotten corner. These problems may be in the United States, Colorado, La Plata find the answer.


Cloud computing services for uninterruptible power supply systems and the impact of market trends

   A few days ago, my PC's Outlook e-mail system failure, I tried to reinstall the software several times, but failed, finally, I had to give up, I decided to use the Internet service provider (ISP) provide e-mail application. The application provides a temporary solution for the mail, but it does not have the Outlook calendar, appointments, task management, notes, and other functions.


Profit margins have been severely fiber-optic cable being put to test the quality of compressed

   As operators to accelerate deployment of broadband and triple play strategy, networking, cloud computing concepts such as landing, broadband optical fiber and cable as the foundation for building, ushered in a prosperity. Recently, optical fiber and cable operators and tenders of the announcement also attracted attention. The quality of fiber-optic cable has become the focus of the industry.


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