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Private enterprises in Wenzhou Electric "Butterfly": re benefits to upgrade

  Thick thin plot can only send. According to the Bureau of Statistics data, in the first half, the city Chint, West Germany, Tengen three companies, total industrial output value 7.007 billion yuan, up 43.7%, driving regulations on the industrial growth of 5.3 percentage points. After 30 years of ups and downs in after a lot of private enterprises through the Willow City, product development, industry transformation and upgrading of enterprise transformation.


Petrochemical industry's first converter to determine the application of standards drafting

   July 23 ~ 26, China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association of automation work will be held in Beijing, focused and determined the frequency, soft start units in the three series of 12 industry-standard basic framework, which is China's oil and chemical industry in the drive and soft start applications in the first industry standard.


Zhu Hai, president of China: Schneider's "other side" Raiders

   A good business is a mysterious world.

    Through the city's hustle and bustle and noisy, Schneider Electric's building stands dignified in Beijing Wang Jing Science Park, ratchet tie dowm northwest corner corner. Roadside bus stop of a large number of cars seems to remind us the city in front of buildings and the distance. But, if you watch thebooster cables CCTV and a little advertising in major newspapers and news reports, you will not be difficult to understand, inside the building, to make any decisions, battery clip are committed to building the Schneider Electric and China's "Zero . "


And when the wind should Lee Wing Leung: PLC development path long way to go

   PLC has now been produced since 40 years, PLC market potential is still enormous. In China, PLC by matching the proportion of electromechanical products increased year by year, users control the use of conventional relays and other products, the proportion gradually shrinking.ratchet tie dowm Trends in the PLC, the most notable is the networking and intelligent, including the introduction of the Ethernet bus technology, is the fuzzy control, machine vision technology into the PLC, the PLC is greatly enriched range of applications, to improve the survival of the PLC. This issue will have interviews and profits when the wind power project to be vice president of Wing Leung,booster cables discuss trends and applications of PLC status.

China North Vehicle recall abnormal sensor 54 EMU

      China has the world's high-speed rail to run the fastest high-speed railway have attracted much attention recently, the spate of motor car accidents, so that high-speed rail development in the radical after paying a terrible price, Ministry of Railways after careful thought, made ??a difficult decision: the high iron, spin-down price. However, a few days in the spin-down price, ratchet tie dowm August 10, China CNR announced the recall of subsidiary production and action has been put into operation CRH380BL EMU 54 large columns, because the EMU due to abnormalities within the automatic stop sensors .

8 Burke UPS power off the assembly line and machine technical success

   Recently, through R & D and engineering personnel Burke consistent hard work, Burke brand CHP3000 Series UPS 8 digital products and computer technology R & D success. Burke person through continuous efforts, and the machine made ??a leap of technological breakthroughs, the UPS of eight lines of digital products using ring connection and computer technology, and any one machine off-line will not be affected, the overall and more stable and reliable systems, UPS power supply industry in the field,ratchet tie dowm Burke's 8 UPS and computer technology is a highlight.


The elimination of backward production capacity of Shanghai main energy-efficient brand motor industry

    Recently, the Shanghai Motor Trade Association of Shanghai, the motor industry, "second Five Year Plan" put forward recommendations, which is an important component to promote the development of efficient motors.

    Development objectives of the sub-area


Detailed development of embedded computer technology, new trends

    1, PC technology to promote the development of embedded computer technology

    Embedded computer is embedded in the industrial system itself, in the industrial environment can be extremely stable and reliable long-term continuous industrial-type computers. With Intel CPU and Microsoft DOS / WINDOWS architecture evolved into a de facto standard,ratchet tie dowm ISA / PCI bus Rugged Industrial PC (IPC) began to penetrate the industry. IPC despite the industrial transformation (such as the abolition of a large board, passive backplane, plug-in templates, industrial power, steel sealed chassis cooling slightly positive pressure, temperature, automatic detection and adjustment, etc.), but its essence remains not industrial-type PC, can not fundamentally solve the major motherboard horizontal, anti-vibration shock poor, non-uniform heat dissipation, component failure rate,booster cables mean time to repair (MTTR) long, difficult issues such as maintenance, it is difficult to meet the industrial control tasks demanding. In order to meet the market demand for industrial-based computers, VME bus in addition to IPC, but produced a series of PC-based, and ISA / PCI bus standard compatible embedded computer, which is more representative of the CompactPCI / PXI bus, AT96 busbattery clip , STD bus, STD32 bus, PC/104 and PC/104-Plus bus embedded industrial control machines.


Power over Ethernet (PoE): an energy-efficient Ethernet solution

  Introduction: the power consumption of the Ethernet switch

    In the modern network infrastructure, information technology and data center managers is to reduce Ethernet switches, routers and server equipment to find the green power options. This requires a more environmentally friendly products on the market,tow rope thereby reducing operating costs. For example, the year of Internet traffic in 1993 totaled hundreds of TB. In the 17 years after 2010, the second of Internet traffic reached hundreds of TB. In fact, today, more than 50% of the data center operating costs for equipment cooling, namely fans and air conditioning systems to provide electricity.


Shanghai and wind power utility model patents are highest in the first domestic provinces

    The new energy industry in Shanghai, recently announced a set of numbers can be described as mixed: solar, wind and other technology patent applications, the Shanghai provinces and autonomous regions in China in the forefront, but compared with multinational corporations, local businesses and research institutions is very different. In this global concern, the highly competitive field, Shanghai should do something, you must also add a fresh.


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