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Oscilloscope industry trend of increasingly widespread use five

    Rapidly changing technology, the scope of the latest applications are endless. Oscilloscope manufacturers must closely follow the trend of new applications, designed to meet the specific needs of the user's scope and software applications. This article will address five oscilloscope market trend analysis.


High-voltage electrical test equipment into income and put into operation the peak surge

  Published in 2011, reported that revenue and net profit of 121 million yuan and 43.56 million yuan, an increase of 84.97% and 72.18%. In terms of products, a slight increase in low-voltage electrical detection of 10.44% year on year, lower high-voltage electrical inspection and test equipment by the base peak in the coming into operation of the dual impact of income surged 284.49 percent, revenue accounting for the first time more than 50% to 57%. Intends to shareholders for every 10 shares were distributed $ 10 (tax included), and increase by transferring 10 shares, pending shareholder approval program.


China energy-saving environmental protection industry five years significantly more than the industry growth rate

   "China's GDP is only about 37% of the United States, but with less energy consumption; GDP of China and Japan is almost, but energy consumption is four times the latter, we can see how our energy waste."

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Energy Saving and Comprehensive Utilization Division Zhou Changyi feeling. According to statistics, as early as "15" period, the total domestic emissions of pollutants increased about 50 percent more than China's environmental carrying capacity.


Analysis of the existence of the four instruments manufacturing difficulties

   According to relevant statistics, China in early 2006, has become the second largest in Asia outside of Japan instrument producer. China instrument industry, after years of rapid development, have become a rich variety of product categories, production and development capabilities of the system becoming a huge industry, sales growth is also a triumph, but difficulties were still hidden. Following with you to analyze the practical difficulties.


Electric power system on the fiber to the home communication industry crush

   FTTH is the power in the low-voltage communications access networks using optical fiber composite low-voltage cable (OPLC), the laying of optical fiber with low-voltage power lines, home to achieve to the table, with the passive optical network technology,tow rope carry the power of information gathering, intelligent use Electric two-way interaction, "triple play" services. June 2010, National Grid Electricity held in Shenyang, Liaoning pilot FTTH forum, power FTTH pilot project construction started, taking the communications industry power systems entered the first step.


Second Five things to put growth into a key to the Nuggets

   By the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology-led "Internet of Things" five "plan" has completed the drafting work, submitted to the Ministry of the final planning stages. Along with the "second Five-Year Plan" was released, hard to find things for the development opportunities of many enterprises, how to grasp the value of growth?ratchet tie dowm Faced with the challenge of traditional habits, the multitude of things in the application, the business where the Nuggets?


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