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Biomass power generation capacity into the fast lane to double

  By 2015, biomass power generation capacity will reach 13 million kilowatts, up 160% over 2010

    July 19 meeting of the national response to climate change and energy conservation leadership group meeting, considered and agreed in principle to "five" comprehensive energy reduction program of work, and energy-saving target decomposition scheme, the main pollutant emission control program . As a result, "five-second" period, China's energy structure will be significant changes to photovoltaic,tow rope wind power and biomass for the generation of new sources of clean energy will be leaps and bounds.


"Second five" plan to finalize the environmental protection industry meet great opportunity

   The morning of July 19, Premier, the national response to climate change and energy conservation, the group leader Wen Jiabao chaired a national response to climate change and energy conservation, leading group meetings, and agreed in principle to consider "second five" by row of a comprehensive work program, and energy-saving target decomposition scheme, the main pollutant emission control plan, deployment-related research work.ratchet tie dowm The meeting called to promote the key areas of energy conservation, including energy to focus on the advanced industrial production capacity and eliminate backward production capacity.


United States invented the paper-thin bio-available liquid energy battery power

   Recently, scientists at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute announced that they developed a body fluid in the electrolyte can be used to generate electricity, "body fluid battery." This indicates that we are from the "bio-energy battery" really come a step closer. Scientists hope that "bio-energy battery," or other body fluids to the body by excretion of organic compounds to generate electricity, such as tears andtow rope urine.


Crack power shortage: Coal should accelerate the pace of integration

  Benefited from the relatively abundant coal reserves and the "foreign income Lu," the support, energy consumption in Shandong province this year, a record peak electricity load default despite repeated, but there was the phenomenon of power cuts, while some provinces are still Southern Power Grid in a "shortage" of them. How to crack in many places year after year there's "power shortage" problem, as the energy security of China's reality of a problem.


Smart phone market frequent sing high malaises gradually emerged

As smart phones gradually recognized status, its sales surpass functional mobile phone is also believed to be the morning and evening. But the reporter in the interview also found that, at present the development of smart phone problems began to appear, many experts don't agree with smart phones this "great leap forward" approach.


Expert views: panel prices rebounded this year of hopelessness

LGDisplay in don't flash type 3 D panel market in China is extremely high, but calls 8.5 generation line panel process slowed his steps. LG guangzhou 8.5 generation line project of the starting ceremony on August 30, to be held, lead to the sound of a guess. Recently, LGDisplay public relations vice ratchet tie dowm President from the autumn is the hot spot of the panel industry and accepted the interview of our reporter.


Inverter using silicon carbide as a potential energy

  From the Editor: In the modern factory machinery and equipment, the electrical energy consumed by transmission accounted for 60% to 70%, energy-saving drive system for mechanical equipment to reduce more energy consumption. In fact, of which energy-saving potential is huge.


Industrial process in 2015 will exceed 30 billion analytical instrument market

   Raise the level of industrial technology as an important tool in recent years, China's industrial process analytical instruments market has maintained rapid growth. According to China Instrument Association in 2009, the coal quality analytical instruments including analytical instruments, coal analyzer coal quality analysis equipment, coal analysis instruments industrial process analytical instruments, laboratory analytical instruments, environmental monitoring, special instrumentation of the total industrial output value, industrial sales output value maintained a steady growth. 2010 China's industrial process analytical instruments market in 2006 to 19.2 billion to 3.53 billion yuan.


July 2011 production run of the instrumentation industry

       July 2011, the national instrument industry maintained steady growth, sales growth in more than 20%, export growth rose slightly last month.

     First, the sales continue to grow


Drive new opportunities for our industry to look forward to high growth industries

      Inverter is widely used in the production of power electronic devices, driven to protect the production of integrated circuits, electrical transmission and system control technology, as the country gradually in the capital, the policy on the construction of the tilt of things and support the drive or to get rid of the current bottleneck, ushered in the course of development of another spring.


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