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Trapped in the elevator suddenly stopped smoking again sounded the alarm bell owners elevator fire

  The house was just built to stay, several prospective owners are scared Chuyishenhan. August 31 at 10 am, Fuzhou Road, Phoenix Lake City area Osan Building 6, near the line due to fire, the elevator suddenly stops, and continue to smoke into the elevator, three prospective owners to prepare the election room trapped in an elevator smoked about ten minutes, but fortunately was rescued by firefighters, etc., did not lead to a big accident.


Chin cupping 8% of burns caused by security operations need to be cautious

   September 1, 2011 at 2 pm, singer Chyi Chin at home to do cupping health, because health-care division improper operation by the fire burns Chin back, back, face, torso severe burns. Was immediately rushed to the hospital, after treatment, at present no longer life threatening, and conscious. In this regard, ratchet tie dowm the brokerage said in a statement Chin suspended due to burns, performing work on the scheduled work program set manufacturers and apologize. Chin burns caused by fire at home care, need to pay attention to fire safety. Here to spread the knowledge about home fire safety:


Lei Nuoer RNHV area high-voltage converter by the year 2011 the first prize of Science and Technology Progress Award

 August 25, 2011 in Science and Technology Awards Jiading District Jiading, Shanghai Science and Technology Conference and Expo opening ceremony, on Haileinuoer Technology Co., Ltd. completed and declared "RNHV modern microprocessor technology and high-voltage inverter PWM control technology research and application "project, won the Jiading District, Science and Technology progress Award, reflecting the Leinuo Er independent innovation and core competitiveness of the overall strength.


"You need to be driven with ease."

- Invt Goodrive300 drive new conference was held
  August 26, INVT Goodrive300 drive in the new conference held at Intercontinental Hotel Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town, including Germany's Infineon, TüV SüD well-known enterprises, including foreign institutions and automation network China, China Industrial Network, HC , China Textile Network, "MM modern manufacturing," etc., more than 20 areas of automation and application of the authority of the media industry and the country from more than 300 machine tools, textile, rubber, appliances, building materials machinery, metal processing and other fields Professional users gathered in Shenzhen, witnessed Invt Goodrive300 grand global launch drive.


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