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Involvement photovoltaic industry upheaval ST bo yuan restructuring die young

Because the underlying asset valuations have considerable differences about, ST bo yuan (600656) led the photovoltaic industry plan was forced to termination.

ST bo yuan announcement today, since 2011, since the fourth quarter, the company assets reorganization of the mark of enterprise JiangXiRui crystal solar technology Co., LTD. By industry fluctuations,tow rope operational performance down, though the parties agree to adjust the asset of mark the transfer price, but cannot agree on a price adjustment range. ST bo yuan xin and Swedish investment Co., LTD, CaiChangChun, xin th embellish the solar energy application Co., LTD consensus terminate the assets reorganization, and sign the "about ending < zhuhai bo yuan investment Co., LTD about JiangXiRui crystal solar technology Co., LTD. Of issuance of shares for the acquisition of assets, battery clip and asset sale agreement > agreement".


Nuclear power's two big plan will be implemented to

The national development and reform commission vice director, national energy board director LiuTieNan in January 10, 2011 annual meeting of the national energy work conference, said 2012 years will have issued a series on the energy development planning, including the nuclear security planning "and" the medium and long ratchet tie dowm term development of nuclear power adjustment planning ". Two of the planning for the next five to 10 years, China's nuclear power industry development, will therefore formulating issued and implement.


"1025" instruments industry development opportunities

With the expansion of the market demand, and people life the instrumentation industry has developed rapidly, but because technology and innovation and other reasons, tow rope the domestic industry and foreign instrument still has a huge gap, key technology scarce, low level repeat, the stability of the products and get the solution of the basic reliability, high precision instruments in the still rely heavily on imports, import a lot of adverse effects of industry development.


Our country electric power inverter characteristics and trend of development

Power inverter characteristics and the trends: from the first inverter production, and then after 30 years continuously research and development and practice, at the same time as the new electronic technology to improve, the function of the frequency converter design more and more perfect, more and more good stability, ratchet tie dowm the cost performance of frequency converter is higher and higher, more and more small volume. The face of market competition, manufacturer of frequency converter for continuous improvement of more perfect.


2012 the contract signed 1.2 billion tons of coal, coal nets railway three party power coal for the game

2012 annual key coal contract will collect before end in kunming. China's stock certificate report reporter from the channel is that, so far this year January 4, 2012 contract coal network summary has been completed now. According to preliminary statistics, 2012 key contract remit total of about 1.2 billion tons, than the national development and reform commission 834.6 million tons of the framework of the contracting 44%.


State grid companies "two" representatives gathered in Beijing

The state grid corporation of the second workers congress and 2012 years work the meeting is scheduled for January 5, 7, ~ the meeting, and more than 400 delegates gathered in Beijing, adviser's, will plan the company and grid the development plan. January 4, delegates attend the meeting the concentration training, and participate in the preparatory meeting.


The research and development of wireless sensor network monitoring programme

Recently, located in Germany Heidelberg of the European telecommunications development and strategic research institute completed the eu research framework plan of the seventh WSAN4CIP research projects, research and development and test based on wireless sensor power and water supply network monitoring solutions.


Sensor market to high-end intelligent transformation

China's sensor has been foreign brand market occupied, domestic brand occupies a place to have difficulties. And domestic brand of sensor manufacturers with low end product mainly most, although our country of industrial automation start later, but its development speed is breathtaking. More and more enterprises to select the "going out", in the face of the fierce competition in the international market, accurate and efficient become the enterprise to produce the necessary condition. Want to realize these will depend on automation technology.


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