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China has completed three generations of key equipment research nuclear power

National nuclear power technology company chairman WangBingHua today announced here on the, the world the first three generations for the Westinghouse AP1000 nuclear power project, the zhejiang three on democracy and the construction of nuclear power plant in shandong haiyang is four units, all of its key device research has successfully completed, ratchet tie dowm...

"1025" power middle the contradiction between supply and demand is more outstanding

Zhejiang university professor of electrical engineering WenFu tied to accept an interview with xinhua news agency put forward, to "1025" later period, China's eastern, central and southern areas of the electric power, the contradiction between supply and demand will is more outstanding, must solve the problem early planning long-distance transmission.


To do smart and capable du labradors little switch socket don't pass

A "du labradors promotion to record" inspired countless workplace white-collar heart resonance, especially the workplace HR. "Do HR easy? Light-hearted, in fact often personnel, administrative skill to pick, met as responsible for this kind of company labradors decorate and big engineering is the great responsibility, pesters!"tow rope...

Kitchen electric and home appliance market keywords: safety, high efficiency, the health

See cold weather, market but have not so cold. Instead, with hot function of heating appliances in shen city common sales hot. The expert warns customer, the choose and buy heating appliances should attach importance to the safe, efficient and healthy.


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