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Cable enterprise should be far away from financing copper circles

Imports to copper, with the aid of a bank usance l/c, shake the body as part of the domestic enterprises to gain an important means of cheap capital. And these copper also had a exclusive name--" financing copper ", the specific performance of the financing for the purpose to purchase copper material. One of the form is, the enterprise from the bank open l/c, first from the overseas import copper, in home sold to the bank again after payments. Also have enterprise first purchase copper, and then go to the bank do mortgage financing.


Price self-discipline security wire and cable products market stability

For many years, although wire and cable industry trade organizations have repeatedly called on product price self-discipline, but the market price still wire and cable products of chaos, a flood of fake and low-quality products, product profit decline, make cable enterprise is injured. Wire and cable products price situation has come the rectification shall not really the point.


CHINAPLAS 2012 sings: enterprise group/new technology

Thanks to all kinds of positive factors, the exhibition except in scale and CHINAPLAS exhibitors quantity, but also will add a new record. According to the organizers are expecting, the number of visitors to the exhibition will break 100000, including the industry association of all members of the organization CanGuanTuan, they yesterday morning to reach the exhibition registration, which made the atmosphere more lively.


Al shandong alumina plant structure adjustment lock market hot spots

As the nation's largest chemical alumina production development base, recently, al shandong enterprise chemicals in alumina plant BaiWei powder production line is formally put into production, the production of three kinds of index more than 20 tons of products already send customer use evaluation. The other six big structural adjustment program also are busy promoting.


A wide range of decorative hardware environment a recession has challenges

Decorate adornment hardware covers a wide range of, mainly including furniture hardware, locks hardware, doors, Windows, hardware, plumbing hardware, sanitary hardware, lighting hardware, kitchen hardware, manual, electric tools hardware, electrical accessories hardware, etc. Series. After more than ten years of development, hardware industry although belonging to supporting industry, it is the foundation of the manufacturing industry and important part, especially in recent years, with industry scale and influence and product technology content industry, and other aspects of the rapid development,ratchet tie dowm...

Tool grinding machine to numerical control effectively reduce cost and operation difficulty workers

Milling center, nc equipment widely used, that young workers from the bondage of manual skills, mass produced in high precision of industrial products. As more and more extensive use of new tools, diamond (PCD) tool manufacturing still rely heavily on too much artificial skills. With the improvement of the human cost and lifestyle changes, the artificial skills more and not seek, labor costs more and more high. Numerical control in this industry is the trend of The Times of the will.


How about a multimeter electrical failure problems

How to test and inspection and has always been a very difficult thing, because it's hard to capture the parameters of the electrical failure occurs, as they give us detection increased a lot of difficulties.

There are many test equipment can make the intermittent fault diagnosis become simple. These devices include complex signal analizer and digital oscilloscopes, including easy-to-use handheld multimeter, digital multimeter in the basic measuring function (ac voltage, dc voltage and resistance measurements), but it needs to be measured record work ji, through the standard form, and the combination of a multimeter can test the intermittent fault fault parameters. In the past,ratchet tie dowm...

According to the cause of the electrical wire and cable fire fire prevention countermeasures

[abstract] : with the rapid development of economy, electrical fire present high-risk trend. In view of the wire and cable fire hazard, and how to take effective measures of fire prevention is very important, this article proposes of their views.


Cable industry unspoken rules "tyrannize"

The products within three into

Percent of pass is only 25.9%. This is the last year "March 15", liaoning province of liaoning in industrial and commercial bureau announces market cable selective examination results, product percent of less than 3 become, really shocked the industry! This year, however "March 15", Qingdao exposure 2011 annual unqualified commodity, also have several cable enterprise on "HeiBang", including omega, belden, such as manka list.


The far east medium voltage power cables successful completion of the aluminum alloy trial

Recently, the far east cable Co., LTD power cable r&d increases the research and development dynamics, the thorough every department to work, in product process innovation to yield the substantial result.

Because foreign box ground machine and set the mold supplier to provide ground machine and technology and the far east cable production line has the big difference, existing in the production of inconvenience, ratchet tie dowm...


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