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Weida main product booster cables , battery clip, tow rope,ratchet tie down.

Electric instrument industry is one of the highest GuoChanLv industry

Electric instrument is electromagnetic measurement and control technology as the foundation, the modern electronic technology, modern information processing technology as the method, combining modern measurement and control technology of the basic nature, universality, the all kinds of static and dynamic, directly or indirectly electromagnetic parameters of measurement and control instruments and system as the main body of a GongChengXing discipline, instrument science and technology is an important branch of the subject, and formed the electric instrument industry.


Modular terminal industry application analysed

Shanghai united the electrical terminals as a professional manufacturer, about the combined information terminals are presented here, modular terminal blocks including wear plate, wires, break points and multilayer terminals.

Pick up the bottom principles of mechanical, the vibration prevention design ensure that the products are long-term leak-tight joints and finished products use reliability. Socket ends can add assembly ears, assembly ear in the very great degree of protection can pick up and can prevent meet arrange pieces position not beautiful, ratchet tie dowm...

The king plan: eastern electric doesn't have the whole appears on the market conditions

The National People's Congress, and China Eastern electric group company chairman king when accepting a reporter to interview program, said the company 70% assets concentrated in the listed company, the remaining assets due to some does not have the listing conditions, so eastern electric whole appears on the market conditions also do not have.


General electric appliance business will stepwise regression native American

According to the Japanese economic news, general electric company plans to the domestic household appliances business inject $1 billion, in order to realize the return of the native American home appl


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