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China energy-saving environmental protection industry five years significantly more than the industry growth rate

   "China's GDP is only about 37% of the United States, but with less energy consumption; GDP of China and Japan is almost, but energy consumption is four times the latter, we can see how our energy waste."

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Energy Saving and Comprehensive Utilization Division Zhou Changyi feeling. According to statistics, as early as "15" period, the total domestic emissions of pollutants increased about 50 percent more than China's environmental carrying capacity.


Analysis of the existence of the four instruments manufacturing difficulties

   According to relevant statistics, China in early 2006, has become the second largest in Asia outside of Japan instrument producer. China instrument industry, after years of rapid development, have become a rich variety of product categories, production and development capabilities of the system becoming a huge industry, sales growth is also a triumph, but difficulties were still hidden. Following with you to analyze the practical difficulties.


Electric power system on the fiber to the home communication industry crush

   FTTH is the power in the low-voltage communications access networks using optical fiber composite low-voltage cable (OPLC), the laying of optical fiber with low-voltage power lines, home to achieve to the table, with the passive optical network technology,tow rope carry the power of information gathering, intelligent use Electric two-way interaction, "triple play" services. June 2010, National Grid Electricity held in Shenyang, Liaoning pilot FTTH forum, power FTTH pilot project construction started, taking the communications industry power systems entered the first step.


Second Five things to put growth into a key to the Nuggets

   By the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology-led "Internet of Things" five "plan" has completed the drafting work, submitted to the Ministry of the final planning stages. Along with the "second Five-Year Plan" was released, hard to find things for the development opportunities of many enterprises, how to grasp the value of growth?ratchet tie dowm Faced with the challenge of traditional habits, the multitude of things in the application, the business where the Nuggets?


Dr. Huang Chenhong Schneider Electric's APC became president of Greater China

ratchet tie dowm


    Beijing / China, July 20, 2011 - Global leader in critical power and cooling services of Schneider Electric's APC (hereinafter referred to as APC) announced that Dr. Huang Chenhong in July 2011 became senior vice president of Schneider Electric, APC large Chinese president, Schneider Electric's APC responsible for the overall Greater China business. He will further strengthen cooperation with other business unit of Schneider Electric in collaboration with APC for the Greater China Greater China team to the data center and mission-critical applications provide users with comprehensive energy management solutions and professional energy management services; and on the basis of what has been achieved, further deepening the channel to expand and strengthen regional coverage, distribution-type businesses to ensure steady growth. Greater China President Mr. Qiu Chengdi the original decision to return home in Singapore, he became strong during the establishment of a Greater China management team, successfully promoted the integration of Schneider Electric business and development.


Explosion-proof industrial TV monitoring system outlined in the construction of standards

   In recent years, with the continuous development of society, people's awareness of production safety is improving, the industrial TV monitoring system is also more proof by many industries have a special background and special security needs of enterprises and units widely used. In China, such as petroleum, chemical, coal and defense, and many other industrial sectors in the production, processing, transportation and storage of the various processes, often there may be leaking or spilling out of a wide range of flammable gases, liquids and of dust and fibers from happening. Mixed with air such substancesratchet tie dowm may become an explosive mixture when the concentration of the mixture of explosive concentration range, once the fire that will cause an explosion and fire and other serious accidents. Therefore, in such dangerous environments of various devices must be certified through the professional organizations with explosion-proof explosion-proof products, the use of all equipment to go through the engineering firm with extensive operations in strict accordance with specifications and explosion-proof construction After the installation acceptance criteria can be put into actual production use. So as to maximize the protection of all aspects of the production process of the security requirements.

Container modular power system will become the "general trend"

        ActivePower vice president, global business and sales general manager, said Martin Olsen, power supply and cooling system from the traditional data center deployment into a modular, has become a trend. At present, this change is slow, however, as the traditional conservative major shift in the data center industry, this does not mean that end users will not change their minds.


Nanjing 173 polluting enterprises to stop not hesitate to change to promote low-carbon economy

       2011 is the "five" in the first year, "low-carbon development, energy conservation," the future business based on the most basic requirements. July 3, Nanjing released to the media 173 "three high and two low" (high pollution, high energy consumption, high emission and low efficiency, low output) rectification list of enterprises shut down, a wave of consolidation polluters off, Nanjing Government to promote low-carbon economy is pulling no punches.


China world's leading wind energy technology, the first global wind energy capacity

    Recently, the "2011 Eighth International New Energy Technology Forum and Show" in Lanzhou, the International Solar Energy Center. From the United Nations and relevant international organizations, China, New Zealand, more than 30 countries, government officials, experts, entrepreneurs, more than 150 people attended the forum.


Space, space solar energy 2.0 times to return to public view

   Will be sent to the solar collectors in geostationary orbits, and sunlight into electricity, and then microwave or laser energy to pass them back to Earth. It sounds like science fiction, but many countries in space development department is in this area with a very careful study.


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